I love Broccoli a lot. Like it is in my top 10 list of foods to eat.

The other half hates Broccoli more than anyone could express in human terms. Like Newman from Seinfeld, he feels that it is a VILE WEED.

This does make life mildly difficult when it comes to cooking meals that both of us are going to eat. 99% of the time our meals are broccoli free. The 1% is when I make a meal and cook the broccoli separately and put it in my serving only. It is a bit of a hassle so I don’t often bother. Especially when I can use cauliflower which he will eat, and I love that nearly as much as broccoli.

When I am cooking for myself only, 99% of the time it is going to include broccoli. The 1% being when I don’t have any in the house. And on the odd occasion, I will just have broccoli on its own. Today was one such time. So here is my very quick how to make broccoli with cheese shortcut recipe.

1. Boil the kettle.

2. Prepare the broccoli for steaming. Cut into florets and place into the steamer pan.


3. Put boiling water into saucepan, place steamer pan on top, with lid on.

4. Empty 1 packet of Masterfoods cheese finishing sauce into saucepan. It must be the Masterfoods one, not the Gravox one. Just trust me on this one, ok? :) Add parmesan cheese and tasty cheese, cook on low while the broccoli steams and stir occasionally.

Alternatively if you have the time make your own cheese sauce from scratch. This day I wanted to empty and fill the dishwasher between putting on the broccoli and cheese sauce to heat, so I used the quick option, but I always add cheese into this sauce and make it in the saucepan rather than via microwave.


5. Broccoli steamed? Take it off the heat and use tongs to place the florets into a bowl.


6. Pour the cheese sauce over the top of the broccoli.


There you go, broccoli with cheese. This was my lunch today and it was *awesome* and fulfilled my broccoli cravings for a little while.

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  1. Broccoli is one of my favourites too, along with brussels sprouts, but I haven’t bothered with cheese sauce for a while. I usually do sauce with cauliflower, that’s another thing I haven’t had in a while.

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