Kayaking Around Australia

No, I’m not brave enough to try it myself – but Freya Hoffmeister is currently kayaking around Australia. I have been following her blog – you should too! You can find it here – Freya’s Blog. Right now, she has not seen land in almost a week – she is crossing the Gulf of Carpenteria. She will hopefully see land again this Friday.

Only one other person has successfully kayaked around Australia. It will take approximately a year. I have to say I admire Freya greatly – I cannot imagine the courage and strength it takes to do something like this.. I find it hard to get organised for one four hour trip out on the local creek, I cannot imagine planning ahead for spending over a week on the water – sleeping on it too! ;)

I think our kayak might be ready to take the winter rest, sadly. It has been so cold here the last few days – it is snowing in the Australian alps again.. at night time it is getting down to less than 5 degrees! If the sun comes out again, we will go out for a final trip.

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5 thoughts on “Kayaking Around Australia

  1. And … it’s just about time to take our kayak out for the first spring run. Rivers are still very high and debris filled, so probably a quiet lake. (Have you thought about extending the season by wearing wetsuits? Some here keep kayaking as long as the water isn’t iced over.)

  2. It is getting rather cold, especially in the early hours of the morning. Phill and I pulled out the fluffy feather doona last night and it was luverly. I guess winter is on the way!

  3. I’m afraid of the dark and even dislike being home alone so couldn’t even imagine what she’s doing I will visit her blog. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    Dorothy from grammology

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