Is Like Hi! ;)


Where did I vanish to? It has been a busy couple weeks here. I’ve been helping get the new I Heart The Mudflats site up and going, reading books, baking, aromatherapy and menu planning. ;)

Doesn’t the site look cool? ;)


Each morning I wake with a lime and spearmint blend of oils, and as the day goes on I add patchouli and things like grapefruit, tangerine, mandarin or lemongrass.

I have been baking cheesecake brownies which are to die for – and biscuits of various kinds.

I have been planning the menu to the point that we are shopping once every two weeks at Aldi with a very small brands we can’t quite let go of shop at Woolworths. I am actually surprised at my talent and skill of planning – I only need to go and buy fresh bread and milk in between shops. ;)

Oh, I did not mention my little i-phone games addiction, did I? Nope. Excellent escape! ;)

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