Soooo bored..

I’ve loaded the dishwasher twice – and unloaded it.

I baked a cake.

I’ve made a start on two new paintings.

The other half and I have played pool.

There is NOTHING on TV, at all. Even pay tv. How is this possible? This is how desperate the situation is – I just watched a biography on Alan Alda. As much as I adore the man, I believe I’ve seen it at least twice before.

Lunch has been eaten. Dinner has been eaten. I’ve had dessert. Twice, once for lunch, once for dinner. I didn’t have breakfast but that’s because I don’t like breakfast. If I could have known how bored I would be later, I may have considered having it just for the entertainment of poaching eggs.

I’ve been trying to write some scripting for the lads but every cell I own is crying out – we is bored, get us out of here! It’s hard to come up with options of things to say to them when your cells are mourning the death of interesting.

I unpacked my cats calender for 2007. It has a cat on the first page that looks like my older cat. I am tempted to flick through and see what all the other pages have, but that would spoil the daily surprise.

I have no unread books. I have a few unseen dvd’s but no desire to see them. I watched The Green Mile last night – a fantastic movie but I’d seen it before. The ending had new meaning – how long does everyone walk their own green mile? I feel like today has been a year long all by itself. And I’ve only been up 12 hours.

By the time I went to bed last night I had sent 3 emails to Sephy – this is the kind of plotting we’re doing behind the scenes. We’re running a shitload of fake check baits, all at once. Almost 150 lads. I bought me a new skype in number specifically for these baits so the lads can get in touch and speak to me – this makes them more happy to send fake checks.

But the scammers are all on holiday – all the internet cafes are shut for at least 2 days. I’ve received 3 scammer emails since yesterday compared to the usual zillion million. Two of them were lads just saying Merry Christmas. Perhaps in a drunken emailing spree, who knows?

Not even Mcdonalds is open. The petrol station in town has run out of pies. That’s because the police turned up and bought all of them earlier, probably for those spending Christmas Day in the slammer. I know this not because I was at the petrol station. That’s how small this town is. I feel completely deprived of shopping. Is this the reason why so many people flock to the shops after they have been shut for one day? I have everything here that I need, but because I can’t go shopping I feel like I need to go shopping. That’s never happened to me before.

So they have a few marathons, but they picked all the boring shows to run this weekend, and next weekend I am spoilt for choice, including a COPS marathon. I love COPS. I think there should be a channel dedicated just to COPS. Yesterday I saw “Naked” cops, a special version they made just for naked people. However they blurred out the nakedness. I think that’s a little odd.

When we went up the street earlier the people next door to my parents had people visiting. I looked at the plates and said “Good, no interstate riff raff” then I realised – this time last year *WE* were interstate riff raff.. ;) Things have really changed in a year and I suddenly feel like this is going to hit me like a ton of bricks over New Year.

Santa brought me money and Lindt chocolates and Danish butter cookies. See what I mean about not celebrating this year? ;) I did not unwrap one single present. I did not *wrap* a single present. The reason for that is we didn’t have any wrapping paper and no shops to get any at. We did give two presents to my parents, and the other half decided to turn the boxes inside out being as we couldn’t wrap them. And yes, we briefly considered other options, such as taping together many sheets of a4 paper, wrapping them in junk mail catalogs or newspaper, and plastic bags. We got the parents a shredder and a wicked bin with automatic lid – a must for all germophobes like me.

Well, instead of boring you all with how bored I am, I’ll go annoy the cats, or something.. ;) or flick channels endlessly in a search for something.. anything..

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  1. Scrabble. I recommend Scrabble for boredom. Pissed Scrabble is even better because then you end up doing things like demanding phonetic spellings or all swear words :)

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