Yeah I’m plotting all right.. ;)

As a scambaiter, you do not want to give any tools to the lad that they could use to scam an actual real person. And the scammers do ask for things like id3ntification – p@ssports, driv3rs lic3nces. They want to make sure you are a real person, and they want to see you are cooperating.

So given that boredom has truly set in, I have spent some time in creating a few little masterpieces to send to them. I had a baiting mentee once who I believe was a true genius, and he was bcc’ing me on all the emails he sent to the scammers. One day I opened up the email and laughed so much it hurt. He’d sent them some id, all right. Only it looked like this..


Yes, that is the exact same file – size and all. Most scammers just accept this – they don’t even open the file. The odd scammer will make an issue of it and want to get you to send a bigger file, but that does not really happen too often. So I now have about 100 files that look similar to that, all ready and waiting for the scammers to ask.. :)

The lads often put in similar effort, and today seeing as I was looking for that file above, I thought over the next week I would share with you some of the more hilarious things they have sent me. Today, a couple of photos that lads have sent me which are supposed to be pictures of them. You may click on these for larger images and amusement. :)




– and some of the things I have sent back to them.. Starting with one of my favourite lads, Mr Alf Olds. Here is some Back To The Future style scaring I did to him.

I have sent you two emails this week with no reply. I know you have read them.

I have now put a curse on you, that if you do not reply to me and tell me what the situation is with the deal you will begin to get very ill. I am sending you this photo that shows you it has started already. When you fade out of this photo completely, you will die.

You have 48 hours to get back to me.

I am ready to travel to South Africa this week. If you are ready and have the balls to do the deal. I have a great amount of doubt in you now. Show me you can be trusted.


He did not reply, so I sent him an email that said this –



He still didn’t reply, so as I recall, a fellow baiter and I called him and yelled at him a bit, or something.

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