What will a scammer do for money?

Almost anything you demand, it seems. Previously in my other scambaits, I’ve got them to p@int butterflies on their f@ces. pose naked, hold a sign, and hold my characters photograph. Other scambaiters have gone even further. It is now getting difficult for me to think of new things to ask them to do.

But one day I was a bit bored, I had some spare time, and so I wrote a new baiting script and hooked up a few lads to it. I don’t do any baiting manually these days, it’s all done with tools that make it mostly automatic for me. Note – these aren’t tools that regular humans can get access to – this is something only long time scambaiters can use. So if you want to use it, get into baiting – when the time is right you’ll be given access.

Scammers complain wildly when you ask them to do something for you instead of you just rolling over and sending them money by Western Union or Moneygram or into their bank account.

They practically cry.

They try to negotiate their way out of what I’m asking them to do.

They bargain.

They tell me they’re under house arrest, or don’t have a camera and need me to send money to buy them one, or they want me to send my photo to them in the same pose before they will do as I ask.

They then search the internet for photographs of what I have asked them to do and send that to me, pretending it is them. No way, I can google too, you know. (that’s why I put the @ in p@int f@ces, so they don’t wind up here!)

So today, less than a month after I set this script up, I got my first *real* photo back. I’d asked the lads to p@int their f@ces like Gene Simmons from Kiss, and this lad did make a little bit of an effort.


It’s a bad quality pic but I am reasonably sure it is genuine. I’m going to rewrite this script and see if I can’t get some more lads to do it. :)

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6 thoughts on “What will a scammer do for money?

  1. It really is funny! Reminds me of the Dateline show called “To Catch A Scammer”. Chris Hansen simply sat and humiliated them.

    I would ask them to crossdress. Now that would be a hoot! :) My guess is they won’t do it since most men would rather do anything than dress up like a woman!



  2. Anonymous – yes, it is very important to bait safely, and if anyone reading this wants to know more about how to do that, just email me, I’ll point you in the right direction. ;)

    Chani – This is one of the things I really want to try. ;) Like Priscilla Queen Of The Desert style. I’m going to have to ruminate on the best scripting for it.

    RJ – Thanks.. I probably am one of the better known scambaiters out there.. ;) hehe infamous in some circles, even!

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