We Cannot Talk About Sex Before Money!

One of my scambaiting characters is a model who is just starting to be successful. She just received this email.



This scammer is certainly very focused on his scamming. The photo he saw was this one.


It happens to be a picture of Heidi Klum, of whom I am a huge fan after Project Runway. I have a whole series of photographs of her which the scammers receive. No wonder so many of them forget all about the scam and write of love because she was then – and is now – absolutely gorgeous not just “okey”, in my opinion.

Like this lad.. here’s a couple of the back and forth emails.. ;) He writes –

Dear, I love you please take it easy, I will send the photo today they are almost ready, and I hope to meet with so soon, I love and will keep on loving, I can’t wait to be on your arm and suck those nice boobs of yours, and make a real love to you. Call me please I miss you and will like to talk with you.

She Replies –

You didn’t reply my last question to you or any other questions I ever asked you.I think you call me but I just miss answer the phone, it go messages. Was that you? You leave message but it was very hard to understand for me.

bank man is all ready as soon as I say the word, so send me your shotts today ja?

You ever did sex on plane? If yes tell me about it, i like to hear of it. I had a little dream about you want me tell you what it was

Don’t you have a spouse? If you could be fond of someone famous, who would you like to decide on and where would you meet? Isn’t it shocking of you not to be feeling debauched? Do you like cats? Why are you being stupid? Does clothing have any effect on your masturbation habits?

He writes –

Dear Thanks for your mail, well I taught that I would have answered your question by phone call, and that is why I called you, if you can’t pick my call then call me.I have never hard any sex in flight, and am not stupid at all, I am a diplomat, I love your pics that was sent to meet and I waiting for an occassion to meet with you, well as you can see I will be glad to work with you and make sure that we becaome good friends and who knows.

actual I like all animals, I had spouse before but now not with her any more. like you said about famous lady, i like you as person and I love to meet you in first class flight, who knows mean be we will consumate it there.Thanks for your question please feel free to ask me more question, and try to pick your calls, I will send my pics I am trying to get some erotic and exotic ones.

Oh, he’s a diplomat.. that clears it all up then! ;)

As you can see they do not know they are corresponding with a computer and not a real person.. I wrote this particular baiting script over a year ago, and since then it has emailed thousands of scammers. They all get slightly different variations with the wording and the questions the computer asks them and what the emails say to them.

Note – these aren’t tools that regular humans can get access to – this is something only long time scambaiters can use. So if you want to use it, get into baiting – when the time is right you’ll be given access.

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6 thoughts on “We Cannot Talk About Sex Before Money!

  1. It doesn’t feel right to me.

    No, I know that scammers are criminals (sometimes violent) and the reasons why you do scam-baiting.

    But it still doesn’t feel right to me.

    Apologies for the dissenting opinion.

  2. No, that’s ok Hari. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It doesn’t have to feel right to you, because I’m not saying to you that you should do it.

    You will be unhappy to know that the scammers are moving to your neck of the woods – the pickings are rich in India. They are scamming more and more people there. People who don’t really understand what is going on with the scam – and generally people who don’t speak English as their first language.

    I tell you why I still do it. In December of 2004 a scam victim was killed. This was back in the days when baiters were working with the South African police. A number of my scambaiting friends knew that this victim was missing because the South African police had asked them for help tracking down any information on those scammers – addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, etc.

    When the victim was found dead, he was not recognizable. From information gained from witnesses (who were too scared to do anything) and from the post mortem, they found out that he had been badly beaten, then tied to the back of a vehicle and dragged around, then beaten some more, then they poured gasoline over him and set him alight. While he was still alive and conscious. He could not get up because they had broken almost every bone in his body. He lay there in excrutiating pain, until he died.

    If my scambaiting characters can take the focus of one real victim and stop the scammer from being able to concentrate on getting one real victim to travel to see them.. then it is worth it. That’s potentially a life saved.

    That victim who died? I think of him every single day. I also think of all the victims I have stopped from travelling by warning them and making phone calls. A lot of that information comes to me from my baiting – scammers send me emails intended for someone else by accident, scammers turn into informants and many times scammers friends and family contact me as the “victim” to warn me off – and then that person becomes an informant.

    That is all information I could never get unless I baited these scammers. So for me, it’s worth it.

    Breaking their hearts into little pieces, like they do to their victims? That’s just a side effect. Maybe it teaches them how hurtful their actions can be. Maybe once they grow a heart, they might use it to stop scamming. I don’t know. But I do know thousands of victims have been warned thanks to *my* scambaiting alone. And that is worthwhile.


  3. Like I said I can understand your reasoning and the fact that scamming is a serious crime… and I appreciate your explanation which makes a lot of sense.

    I know you didn’t ask others to do it, but still… when I read it, I just expressed what I thought openly.

  4. I wonder just what about it bothers Hari. I find it a little humorous to see the conversation they have with a computer. It makes me feel like they are getting what they deserve since they are not fairly representing themselves either. What a horrible story about the scam victim. Nobody deserves to have that happen to them – I don’t even wish something that awful on the scammers themselves.

  5. Sometimes people’s problem with baiting scammers is the perception that the scammers are really just poor, desperate people in Africa trying to make their lives better by stealing a little bit of money here and there from much wealthier westerners. From what I’ve found, they’re actually very successful criminals who live more than comfortable lives and view their scamming as a career. For that reason I have no sympathy. And if someone is dumb enough to think he’s corresponding with a model, so be it. (I think that’s the attitude of a lot of people regarding the victims–if they’re dumb enough to send money, they deserve to lose it).

    And baiting doesn’t hurt anyone, so I’m all for it.


  6. Teeni – I wonder that too, but sometimes something just disturbs us and we’re not sure why. ;(

    Cugat – That is sort of true. Baiting can hurt people because some baiters push the line into doing bad things to scammers, as we know. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all!


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