Weekly Wrap Up 07/10/07

This week has been huge for me in terms of learning about WordPress. This time last week I was quite frankly terrified about switching to WP. Now, I am thrilled and excited about it. I can’t wait to switch over and show you guys what I have created. ;) Hopefully that will be early this week – I’m just trying to break it now, making sure everything works.. :) I will let you know when it is happening. And now, on to the wrap up.

Funny Search Terms This Week -

is there a picture of alf with an oxygen mask on – Do you mean Alf the tv alien? I don’t know.. ;)

pregnant woman driven crazy by barking dog – I don’t think pregnancy increases your chances of being driven crazy by a barking dog. I think a barking dog is annoying to all – other than the owners of said dog – regardless of their gender or whether or not they are pregnant. ;)

aussie pie shop wont go halal – And nor should they have to, if they don’t want to. This is Australia in the year 2007, not Australia back in the days when it wasn’t safe to eat Pork. We have refrigeration here. We have a thriving pork industry. Halal is a hangover from about 2,000 years ago. Just because it says something in a book, and that applied back in those days, does not mean we all have to obey it now in a different age entirely. It’s your choice to eat Halal, and it is a shops choice to go Halal. That’s up to them. Customers can choose to go there – and if they wont because it is not Halal, the shop loses out. Pies include meat, and often bacon. Build a bridge. Eat somewhere else.

neil diamond wig – There’s no doubt, the man has some great hair.. ;)

sexist designer advertisements – Allrighty then..

spoiled country bitches – Yeah, that’s me. You’ve come to the right place! ;) hehe

belly dancer confessions sex owner tips – I am thinking of taking up belly dancing actually. ;) They have lessons here where I live.

where sequins come from – Is it the same place babies come from? ;)

Must Reads -

Bloggers Note! Free Stuff!
$100 SponsoredReviews.com Coupon : Exclusive for Search Engine Journal Readers – This is a fantastic opportunity for bloggers to sign up as an advertiser and purchase a few reviews of their blog. I read about it on Sphinn and now have added the Search Engine Journal to my reader – not only did I get a $100 credit but I found a great new blog to read as well. A good deal all round!

Post of the week
A Long Answer to a Short Question – Gwen, if you happen to read this, I respect your decision but I strongly disagree with it. Perhaps it is the best thing for you but it means I’ll have to remove your blog from my feed reader. I can’t read a blog where I feel like I can’t be there for the blogger in comments. It makes me feel like my thoughts and opinions aren’t wanted or cared about. However I can see how people get caught up in the amount of comments on my post = my self worth. I have seen other bloggers do it. Me personally I don’t let it bother me. If a post gets comments, yay. If not, also yay. I said what I wanted to say, and I gave other people the chance to say what they wanted to say. I hope you change your mind, let me know if you do.

Ten Signs That You are WAY Outside of Your Comfort Zone – I agree, stepping outside of your comfort zone can feel like $hit. I needed this post right now, with the whole switching to WordPress thing. I was starting to doubt, to second guess.. in fact most of the things on the list of 10.

Caring for the Dead – A thought provoking post.

Beach Etiquette – Some Classic Andrew G Writing. Love your work!

Don’t Forget to Get Back Up – Amen.

How much control does Google have over us? – Far too much, I’m afraid. ;(

Dancing With The Gevil – Defamed By Google? – This post makes me extremely angry. I can’t believe Google feel they have the right to treat people like this. It’s yet another in a line of blows to bloggers which Google are inflicting. Someone needs to take a stand – and I’m hoping it will be Andy. ;) I have a huge amount of respect for you Andy, I’m so glad I somehow found your blog, and I completely agree with everything you wrote in this post. Just so you know.

Comma Chameleon – I enjoyed this. I am also an offender.

The Fear Is Back – Vera has upgraded to WordPress and the blog looks fantastic but the content has always been spectacular and this is yet another example of it.

How to Give Kind Criticism, and Avoid Being Critical – This is a handy talent to have – and any of us can have it simply by learning how to do it.

Blog Stuff -

Bloggers: Are You Ready For Writer’s Block? – A few of my blog friends have struggled with this lately. Maybe this article will help.

9 Ways to Beat Writers Block on a Personal Blog – And another very helpful and useful article. ;)

233 Social Networking Sites for Marketing Your Blog – This is a useful resource for all bloggers.

Being a Good Blogosphere Citizen – I think it is important for all of us to be excellent to other bloggers. As it said in Bill And Ted – Be Excellent To Each Other – And Party On Dudes!

11 Pointless Blog Posts that Waste my Time – I disagree with one of the points in the comments, but most of these are valid. :) Bloggers, do you commit these sins?

Six Ways Blogging Differs From Other Types of Writing – I am a particular fan of point number 4.

34 StumbleUpon Posts That Aren’t Crap – An excellent resource of info about StumbleUpon. If you’re not a stumbler, check this one out.

Blogger To WordPress By Lucia-

Upgrading a Blogger Blog to WordPress for Beginners; Lesson I
Upgrading a Blogger Blog to WordPress for Beginners; Lesson II
How to Install WordPress: Upgrading a Blogger Blog to WordPress for Beginners, III
Upgrading a Blogger Blog To WordPress, Lesson IV

More posts will be written in the series and when the series is completed I will post a link to all of them. Thank You Lucia from Big Bucks Blogger for writing these!

Here On The Blog - -

It’s been a busy week here on the blog.

Thomas from Technical Blogger got out of his niche with a great kitties post. If you missed it be sure to check it out!
I did my second ever CD review – Madonna – Confessions On A Dance Floor.
I spoke about how Custody Battles Are Hell on the Hump Day Hmmm.
The Tuesday Think Tank was about HTML this week and I wrote – Basic HTML for Bloggers.
I answered some Questions.
I posted about one of my scammers thinking Heidi Klum is just “okey”.

Snoskred In The BlogOSphere -

Snoskred has been a busy, busy girl this week. ;)

Snoskred created The Aussies group on NaBloPoMo this week.

Snoskred guest posted at Super Blogging – one of my favourite blogs about blogging! You can read my post here – Bloggers, Are You Wasting Time?

Snoskred got interviewed at On Blogging Australia – Interview with Snoskred of Life in the Country

I have a couple of guests posts that I am in the process of writing for next week, too.

Past Snoskred -

Travel back in time and read my thoughts about – saving wildlife in Australia

Blogs Added To The Sidebar -

The World According To Pia
Unequivocally Moe
Search Engine Journal
Caroline Middlebrook :: Livin’ Online

New Australian Blogs Community Blogs -

Welcome to the new members of the Australian Blog Community! If you want to take part in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) be sure to check out The Aussies group.

David Jacobson’s External InsightsMy Little Drummer BoysSoul Solutionscrazy meezerImportJap – The Import and Japanese Car Enthusiast BlogPhilippine Contract Workers CentreHealth, lifestyle & moneyneodigitalistdLook Discount CouponsDebt Diet

Coming Up -

Another huge week – possibly the biggest ever because sometime this week I will be migrating to the new blog. So far it is looking good, even if I do say so myself. ;) Hopefully it will all go well.

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  1. Here I’m yearning (and almost begging) for comments on my blog and there are still people who couldn’t care less for them.

    It annoys me intensely (that’s putting it mildly) to see blogs without commenting enabled. Without two-way communication, you might as well put up a static web page in geocities like in the old days. I suppose it’s the author’s prerogative, but I still wouldn’t read such blogs myself.

    I like interaction and it encourages me if people read and enjoy what I write.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I’m just now getting around to catching up on my reading for the weekend, and I now blame you if I don’t sleep for a few days as you’ve given me a lot of extra stuff to check out :)

  3. I’m still here, and as always I am enjoying your blog immensely! I am looking forward to your experience with WP, and also to the chance that I might get to sit down with my blog a bit this week.

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