Weekly Wrap Up 24/06/07

This week has been a very busy and productive one here at Life in the Country. I’ve been commenting like it’s 1999 or something, making somewhere between 30-50 comments a day most days and usually a fair proportion of those have been on Blogging Chick blogs. I’ve found some fantastic new blogs. I’ve also put aside some of my favorite blog posts for you to check out, which will be a new feature on the weekly wrap up. I’m moving it to Sunday rather than Monday. I think that’s the more logical day for a weekly wrap-up.

This week “chuzzle” and “morten harket girlfriend” have tied with “vodafone stake incorporation” to be the top three search terms.

Funny searches include –

websites for shenanigans (what is it with shenanigans? Who USES that word for searching?)
pictures of horrible haircuts for men (now there’s a blog post we all should write! ;) )
dead poets society analized (for the record, it’s analyzed. And I’m not here to do your homework!)
soup (that’s it? Just soup? No flavour in particular?)
country where did a go (I don’t know. I haven’t seen a lately. Can anyone help? lolz)
scary websites that can tell who my lover is (err, ok)
cremation clothes melt fire pantyhose (I don’t even want to know what prompted this search!)

Here on the blog

I wrote about – Blogrolling and Commercial Promotion – and I must say I made some very good points even if I do say so myself. :) How’s that for advertising?

If you ever travel on a plane you should read this postPlane Safety – a must read for all.

I also wrote about – The power of positive thought – how positive thinking can help A night at the Sydney Harbour Marriott – including breakfast which was stunning – Accident of birth – the SCARY country – how I lost my fear of snakes.

Monday is the busiest day here at Life in the Country. Weekends are the slowest days, traffic can drop by 50%. Most week days are getting around 130 unique visits now. This week over 800 people dropped by, probably a lot of that was due to comments I left around the place.

And that’s the weekly wrap up. Long, but excellent. In my opinion. I’m not biased, no, not at all.. :)

What’s on the agenda for next week?

Commenting challenge – The West Wing season 5 – reading all your blogs – winter house cleaning – trying to keep warm – trying not to have an agenda because too many people I don’t like use that word – finishing Gene Kranz’s book Failure Is Not An Option which I may review however I do not think any words of mine will do it justice – positive thinking – candle photography – play some pool – write a post about my Roomba!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 24/06/07

  1. Nice wrap-up! I’ve tabbed open a lot of those posts to have a read, it’s a great way to find entertaining blogs, that’s for sure.
    I love seeing what weird searches got people to my page and yours were hilarious! I love the “scary websites that can tell who my lover is” haha, that’s awesome. :P

  2. Thanks so much for adding me to your blog roll! I love the re-cap..gave me so much to read that my husband may be trying to drag me away from the computer. Love the blog!

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