Weekly Wrap Up 29/07/07

Wow, what a huge week here on the blog. Monday saw the biggest traffic day ever with 9,722 visitors to the blog in just one day. The last huge traffic spike happened when I accidentally posted about br1tney, par1s and l1ndsay’s fondness for showing off their naked cr0tches, this time it was for a much better reason. The traffic was mostly from Stumbleupon to see the educational Snoskred made 5 MILLION DOLLARS online this year! post. Tuesday saw 6730 visitors. By Wednesday things had started to calm down a little, with 766 visitors but by then the traffic had begun to flow from other places who had posted links to the article.

In total by the end of the week almost 20,000 people have dropped by the blog. They stayed for a while, too – on average visiting several pages and I saw quite a jump in my feedburner stats which means many people subscribed to me on RSS – a big welcome to the new readers – and a hello how’s it going to all readers! Drop by and comment from time to time, I’d like to hear from you. Some people say Stumbleupon traffic doesn’t do that but I have to disagree.

As you can see, StumbleUpon can drive some serious traffic your way, if lots of people like what you wrote and stumble it as well – a big thank you to all the people who stumbled that article and helped to get the word out there about check scams, as well as a HUGE thank you to everyone who posted a link to the article on their own blogs and helped to educate their readers. Bloggers you can still help out, there’s a list of how you can help in the post.

The high amount of visitors is even more amazing because at the time the blogosphere was virtually deserted thanks to the Harry Potter finale book being released. Blogs came to a standstill as people read for hours. Therefore I got a lot of work done, too – a lot of new blogs added to the sidebar mostly.

Funny Search Terms This Week –

giving baby whiskey – OMG how did I get on the first Google results page for this one? Do not give your baby whiskey!

i want to make fake checks – Oh do you now? Well, I gave your IP address to the Canadian Police, so I’d think twice about that now.. ;)

my sister has huge feet – What am i, problem solver for the world this week? ;)

how to cure a germophobe – There is no cure. You can learn to deal with it better, though. :)

contacting a jal stewardesses – If they wanted you to get in touch, they’d have given you their number. Stop stalking these poor ladies!

jobs paid 5 million dollars a year – If you find a real one, let the rest of us know. ;)

food focus xr5 review – It’s a FORD. Not a FOOD! GRRR! And I LOVE IT, if you have the means, I highly recommend you pick one up.

big kitties – Ok, who thinks they meant to put a T instead of a K at the start of the second word?

snake toilet australia – Is this a new fetish? Eew..

Blog Stuff –

I posted about Sephy writing a great how to guide on how to integrate your Blogger RSS feed with Feedburner already here on the blog, but if you missed it and you use blogger make sure to check it out.

Here On The Blog –

I asked the lurkers to jump out and say hi and some of them did, on the hump day I wrote about political correctness, I posted some lovely photos from a couple of outings, I had a bit of a day off on Friday thanks to a headache but I put some kitty photos up to keep you amused and yesterday I wrote an article about how to write your own blog wrap ups.

Past Snoskred.

A few discussions on Blogrhet inspired me to dig this post out. Travel back in time to Monday June 18 and read my thoughts about – Blogrolling and Commercial Promotion.

Coming Up –

This week I’m hoping to take a look at writing in conjunction with Cugat but we haven’t had a chance to chat about it yet. We’ll see what happens. As yet there’s no topic for this week’s Hump Day Hmmm but keep an eye out at Julie’s blog The Ravin Picture Maven to see what it will be, if you’d like to join in – and please do join in, the more the merrier!

Over the next week I want to check out some of my older posts and label them, so if you see anything extra coming through on the feeds, I apologise in advance. Also I am hoping to do a visit run to all the blogs in my sidebar, just to say hi, take a look at your blog designs, see if anyone moved without telling me. If not this week then it might be next week.

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 29/07/07

  1. I linked you 5 Million Dollars post to my latest post. It is definitely not going to bring you thousands of visitors, but it might bring one or two!

  2. I love your blog and all the work you put into it. I only wish I had the time to do the same, but with a full-time job, full-time social life and a wonderful Boyfriend whom I love to spend time with, I’ve had to cut back on blogging activities.

    Thanks for linking to me, and I am linked to you too – with my hectic schedule it’s the least I can do!

  3. Hey there! I love these weekly wraps – what a great idea. I’m coming to apologize for being a horrible blog friend lately, and also for not yet acknowledging on my blog the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award you so kindly bestowed on me. Now that my crazy life is slowing a bit (I hope?) I’d still like to do that…but I can’t find the html for the button at the original site. Do you have it? Thanks!

  4. Thanks for visiting both my blogs and leaving comments as well as listing them in your weekly wrap up. Your blog is excellent!

  5. giving your baby whiskey is a BAD idea!

    And i finally figured out how to find my search terms (duh). I should post some of the funny ones, too.

  6. Hey Sparks – you’re welcome! ;)

    Mary-LUE – Every one who learns from the post counts, even if it’s just one or two ;) The most important thing is to get the word out about checks not really being cleared.

    Cugat – yeah but it’s kinda work for you right, what you do for a day job? If so it’s ok to be more lazy about it when you’re not at work. :)

    Julie – I collect these links lovingly and anticipate the moment I can share them with everyone. :) If I didn’t do this I’d probably be posting 8 times a day or something crazy like that! hehe

    Emily – Stumbling is basically pressing a button and being taken to a random site. Meg from Dipping Into The Blogpond wrote a great post about it a couple of weeks ago. If you want I can send you the link.

    Kirsten – I used to work almost full time, so I know what you’re saying. It’s actually getting to be harder work for me the more I do it, because I now edit and check and recheck before I post. ;)

    Judy – you’re welcome :)

    Catherine, I’ll email it to you. :)

    Sally – Thanks! ;) Back atchya! ;)

    Christine, I look forward to that post, it always makes me laugh to see what people are searching for. I believe it is pure champagne comedy. :)

    Dawud – you’re welcome! ;)

    Thanks for the comments everyone! ;)


  7. Not to be a pest, but did you email me the code? I don’t seem to have gotten it. Would you mind doing it again? I’m so sorry…but I do want to give you credit for your fabulous “gift!” :)

    Ok, I’ll stop pestering you with comments now. :)

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