Calling All Lurkers..

Recently I merged all my RSS feeds into one feed and discovered that there’s a LOT of people lurking out there reading my blog via RSS. I’d like to take a moment to thank you for reading, and to ask you a few questions – if you could answer them in the comments or send me an email I’d be very grateful. :) I’d like to know a bit more about you.

Where are you from – you don’t have to give specifics, just which country is ok.

Do you have a blog of your own – if yes, do I link to it and if I don’t link to it would you allow me to link to it in the sidebar? If no, what would it take for you to get a blog of your own?

Is there anything I could do here on the blog to encourage you to comment more often?

Is there any particular topic you would like to see me blog about more often?

Could a how to post (with screenshots) on any particular topic help you? Is there something either blogging or computer related that you’d like to know how to do but have no idea how to go about it? If yes, which topic(s)?

I could ask a lot more questions but I don’t want to scare you off. :)

This post was also partly inspired by slouchingmom who mentioned on Blogrhet that she had asked lurkers to delurk. I thought that was such a great idea.. :)

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10 thoughts on “Calling All Lurkers..

  1. Hi, I’m a “lurker” who enjoys reading blogs by many people. I live in Adelaide, South Australia, I don’t have a blog of my own and I’m not talented enough at writing to even consider starting one, neither do I keep up enough with world or current affairs to be able to write knowledgeably on such matters. Write about my personal life experiences? No, I haven’t really done all that much with my 54 years. But, please keep on blogging so that I can drop in with an occasional comment. I find you and the others I choose to read very interesting.

  2. I have this RSS situation,too. Before RSS was common, most of my blog entries recieved comments and there was a sense of community, but not that most people are reading RSS, commenting has become rare. According to my statistics about 30 people (oooh!) read my blog, but I’d say only four or five ever comment. I have to get my cat to workout on the treadmill on video before people can be bothered to click through to the comments.

  3. Comment number 3 has given me food for thought. I used to comment more than I do now, and it didn’t occur to me that it might have something to do with my use of RSS feeds to keep track. It makes sense that it would make a difference. Hmm, might make a new blog post one day.

  4. Came here via Julie Pippert…

    How did you merge your RSS feeds? I’m so confused.

    Why do people use Haloscan instead of Blogger’s comments? I’m so confused.

    Why use Flickr to post photos instead of the Blogger photo option? I’m so confused.

  5. Lurker? Not me. I love to read blogs and comment.

    I have 5 blogs, but I am thinking of dropping one or two.

    Stopping by for Click & Comment Monday!

  6. Hey there, reading your blog via RSS in Las Vegas, NV! I love your content and that you update frequently. I may not have time to comment often as I usually read my blogs when I get up in the morning and the typing disturbs my still-sleeping boyfriend, but rest assured, I’m here. One of these years I’ll have more time to explore your blog more thoroughly and chase links like crazy.

  7. Hey River – You probably know I was from there, a couple of years ago. ;)

    A blog doesn’t have to be about talent or world or current affairs. If you started one I’d read it and link to it. :)

    Katie – That was a fantastic video, though. ;) Your cat is so beautiful.. My stats show it as being around 80 or so people but it used to show it as being 8.. did you integrate your feed into feedburner and then hook that up to blogger? Sephy is going to do a how to on that, when he does I’ll link to it.. ;)

    Diddums – I tend to gravitate to what grabs me to make a comment but there are some days – today is one of them – where I just feel like chilling and reading and not saying much. Those are the days I have to work hard at it and push myself to do it. It’s worthwhile, though because I wouldn’t want anyone to feel like I wasn’t still reading.. I might have to do another drop by to let people know I’m still tuned in ;)

    Magpie – I have great news for you – Sephy is going to do how to’s and answer these questions you have over the next few days. ;) including a how to merge the feedburner thing.

    And, I’ve dropped by your blog before, I remember, but now I’ll add you to my reader etc – there’s so many great people I’ve found through Julie, but it’s a little overwhelming at times because I want to just take a day, go around reading everyone I’ve seen there and link up, fave, stumble, etc. ;) I often think “I’ll add that site” but if I don’t do it on the spot I tend to forget, and get caught up in other tasks, plus just so I don’t forget anything, I have a to do list for adding people to my reader with 5 things on it. ;)

    Cybercelt – Thanks, especially for that great advice the other day – I’m making a post out of it! ;) Loving your series, btw. ;)

    Christine – I bet you do.. probably you haven’t integrated your feed either? I’ll make sure Sephy gets onto that post today. ;)

    Kuanyin – Hey, hope you drop back again soon! ;) Looking at your blog the Wailea daily photo is yours – one of my faves.. ;) I’m sorry for your recent loss.

    Kirsten – Hi, I remember your blog and that great pic on the title bar.. ;) Thanks for coming out and saying hi, I’ll add you to my reader too..

    Thanks everyone for de-lurking and your comments. :) Good to see you! I am still hopeful more people will do it, cos there’s loads more of you hiding.. ;)

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