A Day Out, In More Ways Than One..

Recently The Other Half and I went to do some errands. It was the first day of his holidays and as usual when he goes on holidays, he gets a cold or flu. So he wasn’t feeling 100% but well enough to do a few chores.

First we went to a hardware store because they had sent us a catalog with cheap pots and many of our plants needed re-potting. Of course when we arrived there none of the cheap pots were anywhere to be seen. This is country law – send out a catalog, but make sure you don’t have what is in the catalog. It generally turns up a couple of weeks later.

Then we went to the bank to deposit our bond check from the old house. The Other Half still used his credit union from Adelaide – which usually means an hour long drive to bank a check because there is no branch here. This time we had been told we should be able to bank it at the National bank. And we should have been able to, but of course when we got there we were told we could not.

We ended up dropping into St George to see how hard it would be to open an account – it was simple and we both ended up with one. And the scammers had been asking me to open an account with them for a while. Of course I won’t be telling them I’ve done it because rule number one of scambaiting is – never do what your scammer asks you to do.

Next up was my favourite store – the animal feed store. They have our kitty litter cheap and in bulk. They also have bonsai, feed for every kind of animal you can imagine, plants, and now organic foods. I could spend three hours in there no problem, just looking at everything. Not today, we got the kitty litter and some pest spray for our plants and we were off.

We decided to go to the up-market garden centre – which is actually cheaper than Bunnings just quietly but they don’t want to tell anyone that. Lets keep good value things a secret, ya’all. We ended up spending over $100 there on pots, some herb plants – and I got me a Tahitian Lime Tree! YAY!

Then we stopped at the Motor Registration to change our address. By this time we had been out for four hours. Just before we walked in the door, The Other Half looked at me and said “Your shirt is on inside out.” I said “Why didn’t you tell me before?” He said “I thought it might have been one of those shirts which was meant to be inside out, but just now I spotted the tag.” So then I had to sit in the motor rego with my shirt inside out while we waited to be served and he laughed at me the whole time while I told him he’s going to hell, and that I was going to stab him while he was sleeping! :)

The wait was made worse because I had some time to remember how many places I had been with my shirt inside out during the day. This represents a worrying trend – I am embarrassed to admit that I often wear my underwear inside out. This is generally due to me not wearing my glasses when putting them on. I know why this happened – I ironed this t-shirt inside out and I didn’t fix it before putting it on the hanger.

At least I was wearing clothes, I guess. Now that I am hopeful he *would* notice, if I went out with nothing on!

Just so you know, tomorrow is probably the Big Day of changing to WordPress. I’m looking forward to it, I hope you all are.. ;)

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6 thoughts on “A Day Out, In More Ways Than One..

  1. Inside out clothing isn’t so bad. It’s eccentric! But expensive pots–that’s a problem. I just picked up a nice inexpensive one at IKEA, your favorite store.


  2. sounds like a day and a half !!!!!
    you might start a new trend with the inside out look though ….lol
    I’ll be back to see you WordPress look…….
    good luck with the changeover :)

  3. Oh dear – that is soooo funny! I love it when other people do embarrassing stuff. Awful aren’t I?

    As for country stores and their specials. Grrrr….don’t get me started on that one!

  4. thanks for making me laugh Snoskred… I’m sure he’ll notice you with nothing on :) and so will a whole lot of others, so you won’t be visiting too many places that way ;)

    can’t wait to see your new blog – I remember your post about not wanting to move back in April :) I am so glad you decided to move, i bet your blog is gonna shine on wordpress, it rocks on the darn blogger for God’s sake :)

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