Important – Your Attention Please

I am about to move the domain to the new blog, this may mean you are unable to access the site for the next 24 hours or so – it may work right away, it depends.

Those of you with the feedburner feed, you will not have to change anything.

Those of you on the old blogger feed, you may find you get a few messages from me saying the blog has moved over the next few weeks, just to remind you to go and pick up the new feed.

I hope to see all of you at my new home shortly! When you get there, can you leave a comment to let me know you got there ok?

This may be the end of the internet as we know it.. ;) hehe

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2 thoughts on “Important – Your Attention Please

  1. I can’t wait!

    Well, if you’re moving you may be too busy for this but I was so fascinated by Chani’s “Heaven or Reincarnation” post that I wrote a post about it myself. I’d love your feedback – you can find it here


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