Welcome to 2007

This is going to be my year of telling people what I really think, I think. I’m sick of pretending otherwise. If people don’t like it, they can feel free to fold it up and stick it where the sun does not shine. :)

A few things have occured already this year to make me think I’m not going to keep my mouth shut on things when they bother me. One was the COPS marathon. I have sent two letters already to the tv channel responsible for that absolute disgrace – it lasted less than 24 hours, and they repeated episodes, some up to 5 times in less than 14 hours. COPS has over 650 episodes. That’s 19 500 minutes, or 13 days 13 hours worth of episodes – at 30 mins each including all the ads which was how they were running it. They could have played different episodes for over 13 days!

The second was a fruit purchase. Well, not exactly fruit – mandarin pieces in jelly. When I went to eat one of these tasty looking snacks, it was strangely odd looking, until I realised the use by date was the 4th of December and they were actually growing a white mould on them. I’d bought them on the 24th of December. That’s bad.

I also intend not to keep my mouth shut when things are good – I have been drinking some amazing apple juice which I bought at the good fruit and veg shop on the weekend, and I am sending the manufacturers of the juice an email to let them know :) It’s in these 2 litre big glass bottles which take up heaps of space in the fridge, and I loved it so much I am already plotting Tupperware purchases of jugs that fit nicely in the fridge door. I’ve run out of juice now and I’m sooo thirsty for it, it was icy cold and gorgeous.

The really cool thing about giving good feedback is you often get rewarded for it, so I’m all for that.

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