The Idiocy

You know what I love?

When someone pretends to be all nice to you to your face, and says all the right things, you think they are a friend of yours.. and then you find out the real truth about what they say about you when you’re not around.

I think most scambaiters would tell you this. Don’t take on Snoskred head to head, because you will lose. Especially if you’re not smart with computers. She’s not smart with computers either, not for the most part, but she has a “group of one” as her partner that IS smart with computers.

But me, and my “group of seven”, are not going to roll over, so why don’t you just quit while you’re ahead? Because we’re miles ahead of you. ;) We’ll leave you alone as long as you don’t fuck with us. Fuck with us? You’re fucked before you even start.

This is actually so freaking hilarious and completely sarcastic and ironic, to those who aren’t baiters reading this. There is no group of seven. A sad old man in Queensland who has mental issues and a grudge against some people who run two different websites which (wisely, it turns out) kicked and banned him from their boards, has been going around making threats and saying stupid things. One of the things he said was that there was this group of seven, and he liked to tell people I was one of the group of seven!

Well, I’m not. I was nice to him, a couple of times. I helped him out with a technical thing. When he had run ins with people, I simply gave him some advice when I thought he could use it – as in, stop holding this grudge. It’s no good for you, and it’s no good for them. Why not use your energy more usefully? Build a bridge. Do some work. Learn how to use some of the stuff we have. In fact learn how to use your computer, and stop freaking out and thinking people are hacking into yours all the time. They’re not. They have no interest in your computer, or you. They just want you to stop harassing them.

So back in December, he was going on holidays and he *swore* to me before he left that when he came back, he would have built the bridge, and he wouldn’t be holding the grudge anymore, and he’d be ready to help with some serious work. I’m not kidding, I have a lot of stuff on my plate that needs doing, and I’ll take any help I can get, even if it is someone who doesn’t know how to cut and paste or use a computer, though they’ll have to work that out to do most of the stuff I have that needs doing. Of course, no help came to me as a surprise. What did come to me as a surprise was the news, received just a few days ago, that the little old man was actually still harassing the people he had a grudge with.

So I have a little message for that little old man. Get help. You need it. I’m serious. And keep me out of your conspiracies, because I’ve got serious stuff that needs doing, and I don’t need to waste time on your insane bullshit. Ok? And it’s real adult behaviour to kick someone off your skype contacts. You’re an old man, act like a mature adult, would ya?

In closing, for anyone wondering if the group of seven exists, get it right here from the horse’s mouth – or from my skype chat history.

Little Old Man: 00:12:27 : first part true second as i have said the group of seven do not exist so the second part is false

And here ends the myth of the group of seven. Okie dokie then?

What serious stuff am I doing? At the moment I am baiting over 1,000 love scammers. When they send me a picture, I put it here along with the email they sent. I’m hoping I can put a list of love scammer telephone numbers there, too. In the hope that victims might google that kind of thing and find out it is a scam before they pay any money. Yes little old man, I could have used your help with this. But not now, because now I wouldn’t allow you to cut and paste anything, anywhere. So I’ll have to do it all myself though Sephy will help me, and I have ooh gosh, 814 unread love scam emails which I have to try and go through to drag out the info I need. And that’s not all, not by a long shot.

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