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I might not be around much over the next few days, as my favourite Aunt and Uncle jet into town late tomorrow, so we’re off to Sydney to pick them up and bring them back here for a few days of tourism South Coast style.

I was just reading around the blogs and stuff, and I realised that I have not really said anything about Australian Politics. This is a good thing, because I believe politics polarises people. There are some bloggers who are left, some who are right, and some who are green, and some who are all that and more. I’ve avoided the whole topic for the most part because I don’t want to piss anyone off by shoving my beliefs in their face like bloggers sometimes do.

I don’t care what your political beliefs are, ya’all. They’re yours, and you get to have them, as does everyone else. I hope you can extend the same courtesy to me if and when I choose to state what mine are. That won’t be now, because to be honest I really don’t have a great amount of strong feelings one way or another about politics these days.

I sure did have some back when our good friend and self proclaimed saviour Pauline was around – I was very much against everything she stood for. That’s because I believe what she stood for was – point at some group of people, tell everyone “That’s the reason for all the problems in your life” and then have people go whoa, she’s so right, why didn’t I realise it before? But you can’t point a finger at a group of people and blame everything that is wrong in your life with them existing and say, if they did not exist, my life would be perfect – that just isn’t true.

Realistically, Pauline was a creation of two Davids who put words into her mouth, I believe. I don’t think she really believed any of the stuff she said. That was kind of given away by the obvious vacuum in her head anytime people asked her stuff – if she didn’t have a canned response all ready for it, she ummed and ahhed and just had no clue.

However, I hope she doesn’t find out where I live, I’ve used her name to bait the scammers and I have a shitload of checks on my wall with her name on them, and though they are all fake she might think she can use them to start up another party.. ;)

But the scariest thing about what Pauline did was the people who jumped on her bandwagon. I was at the protest in Adelaide, and I saw a 12 year old kid get beaten up by members of a very scary hate group because he dared to throw an egg Pauline’s way. It wasn’t reported (I think the reporters themselves were terrified of that group of people to be honest) but it was extremely scary.

Speaking of beliefs, I am really disappointed. I wanted to find out what religion I am using the Belief-O-Matic and it wouldn’t work for me! I tried for some time but it kept having an error. It’s still not working, so I am still without a religion. Oh well. Let’s hope the world don’t end over the next few days and maybe the people will get it fixed or something..

>Be good while I’m off touristing, ya’all..

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