I keep forgetting to put a title.. ;)

And now Sephy has completed the 10 things.. ;)

In other news, check this out – Brad Pitt standing in the rain in boxer shorts. This is supposed to be art. I think if Brad could have heard the voice over that was going to go over the top of him standing in the rain in boxer shorts, he would not have been able to stand there all serious and pouty like that. I think he’d have been laughing so hard he had to sit down. I know I am after watching it.. :) But hang in there, the end is hilarious! That’s one of the things I found on Pink Is The New Blog this morning -I recommend reading it daily, it’s great stuff.. ;)

So what’s my plan for the day? Well so far it don’t look too windy, so I might run down the street and grab the spider spray so I can dead them all. Of course now I’ve said that by the time I get back it’ll be gale force winds. If I can’t spray the spiders, I might just scroll down until the Jetphotos sidebar stuff is on my screen, and then be hypnotised by it while playing nice music. I spent at least 30 minutes watching it yesterday. The pictures change, and it is just fascinating.. Seriously, scroll down and have a look at it. :)


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