Sometimes that next blog button..

leads you down a path you didn’t want to go down.. or a path you really love!

I clicked that button so many times one day and once I ended up on this blog where there were dead people! That shocked me greatly and it was the first time I hit the flag blog button.

Tonight I found a blog with the same layout as mine but a different header background, something I will investigate doing myself soon, I should just be able to put a pic back there. From there, I went here after Sue wrote a comment and from there I clicked on the (not work safe, contains images which include male nudity, don’t blame me if you click on this link!) Mutiny on the Bounty blog.

Ladies, I ask you, what can be better than hot men and beautiful pictures of greek landscapes including beaches. Guys will hate that Mutiny On The Bounty blog but women will adore it. ;)

I would really love to find blogs written by drag queens that show some of the make up work they do. I’m gonna start looking soon.. ;)

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One thought on “Sometimes that next blog button..

  1. You inspired me to hit the random blogs button yesterday. I must admit that some were pretty good but some were extremely odd. Not so keen on the strident right-wingers, me. In fact, scary!

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