Meeting A Fellow Blogger, Ikea, Cameras, Insurance.

Yesterday we took a little trip to Sydney. Our camera lens was finally ready to pick up. Canon had called us earlier in the week and let us know.

I’ve been on the internet since 1992. Some of the best people I have ever met I originally got to know via the internet. I used to be a part of an IRC chat group in Adelaide and they had meets all the time. I met The Other Half that way. We have ICQ text logs of our early chats that go on for pages and pages.

One of the other people I met, Simon, became our house sitter. He is the most beautiful person, inside and out. He went on to meet himself a girl who is also just as beautiful inside and out. Then they would both house sit for us. When we left Adelaide, we left them a lot of our furniture – and our fish tank!

Internet VS “Real Life” –

Always whenever we moved, our internet friends were the ones who showed up to help while the “real life” friends had excellent excuses. I soon learned I would rather have an internet friend than a “real” one – especially when we went through the difficult times with the other half’s ex wife. My internet friends stuck by me, the real life friends were nowhere to be seen. Not a one of them, and I’m not joking about that.

Plane Crazy –

We also met a lot of plane spotter friends online, some of whom became very dear friends indeed. One of them was a mentor to many of the younger plane spotters and encouraged them to go after their dreams, whether it was being a pilot, whether it was photography, or working as a plane engineer. Many of his mentees now work for Qantas, Virgin Blue and other international airlines. On top of all that, he was just the best bloke, funny and great to be around. People gravitated towards him. He was a magnet.

He also had cancer but he never complained about it, in fact a lot of people had no idea. When he died, we drove all the way from Adelaide to Sydney in order to be at the funeral. We felt like we had to be there and I am so glad we made that effort. I still miss him very much. His absence is noticeable in the community. He kept the egos out of it and since he left us to go to the great airplane spotting mound in the sky complete with beer and comfortable recliners the egos have got a bit out of control, sadly.

Scambaiter = Paranoid –

Then in 2004 I became a scambaiter and I suddenly became a bit.. paranoid. Well not exactly paranoid, more like determined to be anonymous. I was happy to be friends with the internet people we knew but I became a lot less open to meeting new people, especially people who knew about the baiting. I did meet with some scambaiters here in Australia, one of whom I adore (yeah that’s you Dbest03, and when are you coming to visit us on the South Coast?) and have met again since. Since moving to New South Wales we had not met anyone from the internet at all.

But Not Anymore –

All that changed yesterday. Meg from Dipping Into The Blogpond had invited us to drop in when we went to pick up the camera so right after Canon called I sent her an email and arranged to visit on Friday. We had a lovely time and Meg and her Other Half are wonderful people. I am hopeful the visit will be returned soon – and perhaps some of the Canberra bloggers might venture over to join us as well. Facibus, that means you!

Mild Confusion Reigned At Canon –

There was one unhappy moment in the day – when we got to Canon, there was some confusion over who was supposed to pay for the lens repair. Canon had not sent an invoice to the insurance company – which the insurance company had requested in their fax when they approved the repairs to go ahead. I don’t know how they expected to get paid if they didn’t send the invoice! We had to find a couple of grand on the spot in order to take our lens home with us – I’ll take the receipt into the insurance agency on Monday to get reimbursed. Yes, you heard it right – the repair was just under $2,000 – which is why we have specified insurance for that lens, for accidental damage as well as theft. I can tell you an iron grip will be kept on that camera lens from now on. We don’t want to go through that again!

People, insure your stuff –

It’s worth it. Our policy covers us to go anywhere in Australia with that lens and be covered for any event that might happen with it. It costs us the grand total of .60 cents a day to have four items specified – two laptops, the camera and lens. On top of that our policy itself covers us for unspecified personal effects up to $2,000.

A Pit Stop @ Temporal Vortex –

That unhappy moment was soon forgotten when The Other Half announced he was taking me to Ikea. YAY! All I wanted was a timer which would sit on my desk and chime when 55 minutes was up – then I can reset it for my 10 minute break. I almost got sucked into the temporal vortex when a chandelier called my name and told me to buy it. I was drawn to it and found myself standing there, holding the price tag ($29AUD, how reasonable) looking up at its brilliance, going all deer in the headlights. The Other Half did not notice I was missing because he was looking at computer chairs. When he spotted me he knew what was going on and he rescued me quickly, gently leading me away from the brilliance I wanted to buy. Unfortunately they did not have any left to sell. :(

But he did find me a springform cake tin, and a set of in trays which I wanted. It was a cheap Ikea trip at just under $50 and it was superfast, too. We were there for less than an hour.

Music Played –

Before we left we quickly created two cds – one each. It was a lot of music we hadn’t heard in a while and we totally rocked it out in the car, singing along. Neither of us can hear each other singing in the car – now that is a sign of a good car stereo! At least I always thought it was because I used to have a friend who was totally tone deaf who liked to sing.. ;)

Happiness Reigns –

Since moving in here – both the house and the new blog – days have been joyous. I have a lot of organization going on and it feels wonderful. I’ve been cooking some great meals. We had a week of cheesecake last week. I also have some fantastic incense and new oils for my oil burner which are keeping the house smelling amazing. The chores have been cut down because I am keeping on top of them. The kitties are happy, I’m happy, the other half is happy. I know that me merely mentioning this may cause some to dislike me or be mad at me purely based on my being happy, but I figured I should share it. Those who are my real friends will be happy for me. ;)

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16 thoughts on “Meeting A Fellow Blogger, Ikea, Cameras, Insurance.

  1. What an awesome day! I love Ikea, but haven’t been to their new store yet. Slack, I know, but I’m saving it for a special treat.

    I love your site, I’ll be back!

  2. Before I even read your final paragraph I was thinking to myself how happy you sound. I love reading posts by happy bloggers – it comes through even when discussing things that aren’t so great (like having to pay for your lense out of your own pocket). :-)

    I’m not sure you know me well enough to count me as a friend – but I sure am happy that you’re happy. It’s brightened my evening too. :-)

  3. I agree with you, I have met some absolutely amazing people who originated from the internet, and it irritates me when people judge me for it. *shrug*

    So glad you enjoyed yourself.. and Ikea = ?

  4. Reading this just left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. What a (almost, aprt from the $2000) great day.

    I think friends are friends wherever they come from and however you keep contact with them

    Since moving to Canada from the UK most of my so called *real* friends have become internet friends.

    When I first started blogging earlier this year I was very careful to keep personal things wrapped up deap inside. My intentions were purely to document things (reviews etc etc) and imrove my writing but I’m eveolving and parts of my personality are seeping out. This is also meaning that I am talking more and more with other bloggers and actually although have not forged any strong friendships.

    I would definitely compare it to going to the same bar everyday. You walk in and the regulars are always there for a chat. Then there are the people that are there every now and then that you know just to say hi to. Then there are the new people that re in every day, every now and then one of these new people returns and sometimes becomes regular.

    Maybe I should sit here consuming beer and eating peanuts with my worst music playing in the background to completely fulfil the bar ambience.

  5. I’m glad you’re happy. It’s a very good place to be, even if carefully crafted rants make for better reading sometimes. And internet friends are some of my best friends, too!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day all round! Thinks have been a bit up and down at Kin’s house this week, but we’re getting there. I’m hoping for a day like yours in the coming weeks :)

  7. It was lovely to meet up with you and your Other Half too. I’ve only met a couple of bloggers and it’s really great to put a face (mannerisms, personality, voice and the rest) to a blog. Thank you also for your trust.

    I love the word “joyous” – it’s such a positive word :)

  8. Forest Parks had a good analogy about comparing the blogosphere to a bar atmosphere – it is true that there are the regulars, the ones you only say hi to, and the new ones who sometimes become regulars. But I think there is more to it. At a bar, you may not be as open to meeting someone. Seeing people face-to-face, you may make subconscious judgements that you cannot do on the internet. At a bar you may be afraid to reveal too much about yourself for fear that you are going to continue to run into these same people if you continue to visit the bar and you don’t want to make a fool of yourself/don’t want to begin a regular relationship with anyone you saw there/want to avoid any awkward situations. On the internet you normally get to know someone better through an exchange of ideas – no looks, quirks, or superficial traits are there to distract/confuse. You can ignore anyone you want to and you can meet people from thousands of miles away – all from the comfort of your own home. Yes, there are security issues – just as there are in all aspects of life but if you want to find and nurture relationships it most certainly can be done. Meeting people was not my goal when I started blogging. I really didn’t have a specific goal. But I’m glad I found and nurtured all the relationships that I did on here because I also feel that a lot of them are better/stronger than my real life ones. And now I have friends in all different places so that if I ever travel I will have little side trips to make just to give them a real smile for all the ones they’ve given me! (sorry for spewing all over your comments section, Snoskred. I’m making up for not being over here for a few days!) LOL :)

  9. Me too, I’ve already met some wonderful people with my blog, you and Loz because of you… by the way, I’m as paranoid as you. It’s a rough world out there. Glad you’re having a wonderful day, with many more to come.

    I’ve been pretty much out of touch because of my mom. It’s not looking any better, she is suffering a lot and we continue to pray for a miracle.

    Tomorrow my husband and I are going to New York City for a radio interview. with firstwivesworld I’m not really nervous I’m looking forward to it, however, now I can’t wait till it’s over to see if I do alright.

    I won’t be posting for a few days. We return late afternoon Tuesday hope to get back to my computer late Tuesday evening.

    Regards, and much happiness at your new home..

    Dorothy from grammology
    call your grandma

  10. Hi Snos,

    thanks for the link and for the invite :)

    How about we run a WordCamp Canberra and you get an invite to speak on regional blogging? Just need a venue for the day and we’re away!

    Cheers, Andrew

  11. I’ve met some fabulous people online and a few of them in person. I think of my internet friends just like my real life friends the only difference is in many cases their is a distance that separates us but I chat with them regularly through email an a few of them via phone.
    I agree it’s important to insure your items. I have done that with those things of value.

  12. Tracey – Thanks! ;) I’m Ikea Crazy. ;)

    Jodi – I would count you as one. ;) I love reading happy posts too!

    Cugat – Amen!

    Alynda – I saw this show on tv yesterday where a woman was criticizing internet dating as being “nerdy” – it’s not at all! Some of my best friends have met wonderful people by internet dating. :) I hate it when people judge that of which they have no idea.. ;)

    Forest – that is the best analogy I’ve heard yet about it, and that’s exactly how I feel about it. ;) I would eat peanuts sitting right here if I could get decent fresh ones! Lone Star have the best peanuts I’ve ever found..

    Kirsten – I like a carefully crafted rant as well, from time to time. ;) There’s been a lot of them around re google lately.

    Kin – I’ll hope for that for you too, I read about your week. :(

    Meg – It is funny because that is one of the first times I did not have a mental picture of what the person I’d be meeting would look like. I used to get it pretty much spot on but there was this one time, I met this plane spotting friend and he had the wrong color hair, and I couldn’t get over it. ;) I thought he would be blonde and he was dark haired. The incorrectness was so wrong, I told him about it. ;)

    Teeni – Feel free to “spew” anytime. :) I love long comments! :) And short ones too, really any comment is fine. ;) hehe I like how there’s no superficial expectations when relating to people on the web. It’s changed me completely – I now don’t have those expectations in real life either and I am more likely to get to know the inside person than judge the book by its cover.

    Dorothy – I hope it goes well for you! ;) I hope to have the guest post written by the time you get back. :)

    Andrew – I’m in, absolutely! ;) It doesn’t let you off the hook though.. :)

    Opal – I’d guess your Nikon would be one of the things insured. ;) I agree re the difference – email and instant messaging is the way I talk to those friends but I also have Skype which lets two people chat for free, it rocks. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)


  13. I’m happy that you’re happy. I woke up yesterday a bit happier than I’ve been lately and today was an improvement on yesterday, I managed to get through my 5 hour shift without thinking the day would never end. The last couple of weeks I’ve been a bit down. L’s depression is not exactly on a downward curve just now, but he has been touchier than usual and it kind of rubbed off on me a bit. Last Friday while I was at work he lost his temper and broke a couple of things so when I got home I lost my temper right back at him, but I had to be nice about it because I didn’t want to send him over the edge, then we both sulked a bit, until I was able to talk to him, now things are a bit better and we’re talking. I say stuff and he says ‘why didn’t you tell me?” I say “would you have listened then?” He says “No……….”

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