A favourite thing..

Hey, if you have a blog and you’re reading this, take a pic of one of your favourite things and put it on your blog.

I’ve been cleaning all day and now am off to get ready to drive to Sydney, back about midnight tonight but I probably won’t be coming online to blog ;) So be good, ya’all.

One other thing – those who think they have control over everything, maybe you do not – maybe, just maybe, everything is a big conspiracy against you. In fact maybe even this *blog* is a part of the conspiracy. Because you may be able to stop people saying things in places you have control over, but blogs can be made by anyone and read by anyone. So just be careful what you say and how you act.. because I really think you’re assholes and your time is coming.. ;) and there will come a day when all is put in front of people to judge you, and while you may think they’ll be on your side, they will not be when they see what you have been doing..

There, did that freak you out? :) good :)


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1 comment:

  1. I'm not Craig, 2. November 2006, 18:49

    *freaks out*

    *this continues for several minutes*

    *get distracted by shiny things and all is well again*