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My excellent friend Sephyroth sent me an awesome package this week. Interestingly, it arrived just one day after I had been at the post office sending my own package – not to Sephyroth and on this occasion I would have much preferred to be sending it to him. I was sending a package to a very much loved Aunt, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer..

I had an idea that I could put together just a few things each week while she is having both radiation and chemotherapy. I can’t be there in person because she lives in Adelaide, but maybe I can put a small smile on her face each week and remind her that all the family here are thinking of her.

For the first package, I made sure to include a few ginger treats that another good friend of mine swore by during chemo. There was also some Chai tea, some pawpaw lotion, some amazing mango scented anti-bac hand sanitizer that smells exactly like you just rubbed an actual mango into your hands, and a few other bits and pieces. I have already picked up a couple of items for next weeks package.

So what was in the package Sephyroth sent to me? Let us take a look.


Some shower gel and handwash from my favourite Bath and Body Works.


Some cup-a-soup and some loom bands.


Many chocolates!


These things are SOOOOO tasty! I love wild cherry flavoured things. :)


Some wax melts – I bought Yankee Candle two wax melts for my next package to my Aunt.


A lovely Wisconsin calendar!


There are actually 2 bottles of 265 antacid tablets. These things do not taste like chalk like Australian Quick-eze does.


A shoe bargain which we chatted about on the Kakao Talk while Sephyroth was in the Adidas clearance store near him.


Another view of the shoes.


Some potato chips of awesomeness.


And my Guaifenesin. :)

Thank you many millions my excellent friend! I will organise a package for you soonest, I already have some stuff put aside to send. :)

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9 thoughts on “The Package

  1. Nice shoes. I didn’t notice the newspaper in them, I was too busy looking at the colour. My sneakers are always white, which I am sick of, but no other brand fits my wide feet. :(
    I like the Wisconsin calendar, are the 12 month pictures on the back cover? I’d like to see those.
    Do you take antacid on a regular basis? Is there something in your diet that causes distress?
    Hooray for many chocolates. I haven’t had any at all in a long time, I always want a bit of choccie late at night, but I’m over it by morning, so when I’m at the shops I don’t buy any on purpose.

    • When I was last on Oahu in November 2013, I purchased a 96 tablet pack of Tums from a pharmacy there. These always work pretty much instantly for me, and they taste a lot better than the very chalky Quickeze we have available to us in Australia. The Other Half has also been converted to them.

      The Tums we can buy here are NOT the same as the tums they can buy in the US. :) The Kirkland version is available in US Costcos but not in our Aussie ones.

      I do not know why it is so, but when I find something that works for me I want to have a little stockpile of it. So when I noticed my 96 pack was running low, I sent an SOS to Sephyroth to send me some more of them.

      I think given that I still have some left in the 96 pack, and given that 15 months have passed since I bought the 96 pack and two of us have been using them, my indigestion is a somewhat rare occurance. It seems to take place mostly after eating pastry and occasionally when I eat too many potatoes.

      I’m going to guess it will take several years to use up just one packet of these antacids, but there is a strange peace of mind in knowing I have a metric multitude of them handy. :)

      I will check the calendar and post the back page if there is one. :)

      I do love an occasional square of dark chocolate and I think there have been health studies to prove it is good for people to eat that daily. I like mine with sea salt to cut through the richness. I will sometimes add salt to a dessert – the other half thinks I have lost my marbles, but I find the salt does excellent things to a dessert, ever since I tried salted caramel I can appreciate it. :)

  2. What a brilliant friend! I hope your aunt will be OK. We’re waiting to find out if my dad has cancer. He has a full body MRI coming up a week today.

  3. I have foods that cause me indigestion too; I simply avoid eating them. prevention is better than cure. Well, that’s my opinion anyway and I recently had a colonoscopy and was told I had the cleanest colon they’d seen in a woman my age and further testing wasn’t necessary, but I could have another in ten years. good news, seeing as my mother died from bowel cancer.

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