Something Arrived..


Last week Sephyroth received a surprise package from me, which you can read about at his blog – I can haz Krudd Tea?.


Today a package arrived for me – this one I knew was on the way because my Dad had wanted specific Calvin Klein underwear from Macys. His present underwears were actually literally disintegrating. Originally Mum said get 6 pairs, and I said no, get 12 and put 6 away for later.


So we’d sent some money via paypal to Sephyroth and he did all the buying and shipping. They don’t sell this particular underwear in Australia and we’ve even been in contact with Calvin Klein Australia. Likely due to some kind of licensing arrangement, Macys will not ship it directly to Australia and you need a US credit card and address to order.


Thanks for sending the package Sephy! I will deeply enjoy these chippies and this chocolate! ;)


Also many thanks for the Costco Connection and the files on this thumb drive – this contains some photos which we lost in the server meltdown.


And I will respect these wishes. I will *not* mention the Genius of Sephy, that is a post for another day.

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8 thoughts on “Something Arrived..

  1. I love getting parcels in the mail! Even when I know they’re coming and what is in them, it’s exciting, like Christmas. Even when what I ordered isn’t for me, I still love getting the parcels. I’m currently waiting on delivery of some books I ordered for my great nephew’s second birthday. For Christmas I gave him book ends, now he needs books to put between them.

  2. Macy’s and Costco! They are each about 4 minutes away from me. And amazon is in my back yard as well. I had never thought about how difficult it would be to get some items in Australia, so this post is eye-opening! When I went to visit my younger daughter in Korea, she really wanted me to bring peanut butter. So I had a huge jar of it in my carry on; it was confiscated by security because it’s considered a liquid. By morons anyway.

    • I have never seen a flavour of chips like Wasabi Ginger here in Australia but they are seriously amazing. They are the only potato chips I have ever eaten that clear out my sinuses as well. :) They may be an acquired taste though. I love Wasabi on sushi, so I am a huge fan of it to begin with.. ;)

  3. So, the chocolates were a result of this comment about Caramello not being as good as it was in the past. The Ghirardelli chocs are pretty awesome.

    I almost did get a bag of the Ghirardelli chocs that was only caramel at Costco one time, but it was opened and that did not seem quite optimal.

    Interestingly, the Aloha Macs were something that, until recently, I’d only see in Costco around Christmastime, but it is neat that we’re seeing the mac nut & choc more on the mainland (and, as a matter of fact, there’s a grocery store round here that has nearly the full range of Mauna Loa mac nuts!) :)

    Oh, and that big bag of the chippies? Costco ;)

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