Heading Into Autumn

Red Curry Noodles from Nan Tien Temple

Today is the second day of Autumn here in Australia.. Therefore you might want to make some soup. I know I will be!

Here is my Roasted Red Capsicum & Potato Soup. Also for this recipe, you could use any vegetables you like. Roasted Leek and Potato is on my to-do list this season..

Here is a great post – 50 Light and Healthy Soup Recipes

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2 thoughts on “Heading Into Autumn

  1. I’m not into soup just yet, I’ll wait until the air is a little frosty. Then I’ll probably start with chicken vegetable, move onto bean/tomato and be in to beef and barley by winter. Then it’s casserole time! With mashed potatoes.
    I noticed in a recent post, your reasons for dropping people included “they don’t comment”, so I thought I’d address that. Sometimes I don’t comment here, because there is no ‘leave a comment’ link, it doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes I’d like to comment but can’t. Other times I don’t comment because the content of the post holds no interest for me.

    • River – I completely did not mean you. :)

      I will give you an actual example of what I meant.

      There is one blogger I used to read who – in the space of 12 months of me regularly commenting at their blog and when I say regularly I mean 3-4 times each week – they *never* *once* dropped by my place and left a comment.

      I personally would find it difficult to treat a regular commentator that way. That is just not who I am. :)

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