Back in the country..

and going back to the city reminds me of all the reasons why I could never live there again. The traffic, the noise, the smells, the krispy kremes.. ;) I tell you, once you move to the country you will never want to go back. It’s scary out there. It’s rained all the way from Sydney to here, which is over 150kms and this is great because we do need the rain.

I keep having plane nightmares. This is not an unusual thing for me, I have always had them. But the last couple have been right out there as far as what happened. The one I had last night I was apparently a plane crash investigator and when we got to the scene we ended up snorkelling (??yeah I agree, what the??) and there were all these weird fish. I blame Meva for that one, at least the snorkelling bit. ;)

But the one that really freaked me out when I woke up from it at 3:30am in the morning a couple of nights ago, it was this airport that was like a posh hotel lobby, and they brought in a coffin which was supposed to be flying on a plane but when the baggage handlers picked it up it was too light so they opened it and there was just someone’s head inside (I blame a book I was reading the other day where someone got decapitated for that one) so they closed it back up and pushed it off to be loaded on the plane and it just exploded like a bomb.

In the meantime I had gone off and got on a plane, and it was like two pictures next to each other – what was happening in the lobby and what was happening on the plane. There were no pilots on my plane and an off duty pilot told someone how to get the plane to take off but that they had to reduce power afterwards. He went back to his seat and fell asleep. When he woke up he looked at the time and the little map and saw the plane hadn’t gone very far, and he realised the engines were too loud so he raced to the cockpit to find nobody there and the engines starting to make strange sounds. He reduced the power right away but then the engines blew up, igniting the fuel tanks.

It was just like a soft, hot wind and the sound the engines made when they exploded was very soothing, and then cut back to me explaining to people on the ground that the people in the air would have only felt a hot wind and they would have been feeling very happy after hearing the sound the engines made when they exploded and then they would not have known anything more. I think that bit has to do with Lockerbie – many of the people were alive the whole time they were falling. Some even survived the landing.

But really I can’t explain my dreams. I do like to write them down because I often forget them easily. So you may find me doing that from time to time here. Don’t hold their strangeness against me! ;)

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