That Escalated Quickly.

There is Grumpy, freshly home from her eye surgery which came to us all as a surprise on Friday. Her eye ulcer had improved since the last visit – however – it was not healing properly and the vet felt it was deeper than it looked, and so she wanted to operate.

I can’t describe what was done surgically because eyes and me = major cringe factor. I can’t even put eyedrops in a human and while I can watch all kinds of surgery on TV, I cannot watch anything to do with eyes. I can tell you she will be wearing that lovely collar for a week. She will not be a fan of this once the tranquiliser wears off and she regains her usual senses.

At present, it is like having a drunk cat in the house. You’re not quite sure what she is going to do next, so anywhere she goes one of us follows. She was at the vets for the smallest amount of time possible because that environment is very stressful to her.

The minute we decided to do the surgery, she was given pre-meds to try and keep her from stressing too much and allowed back into her cat carrier until it was time to put her out.

While Grumpy was chilling in the cat carrier, Happy got her vaccinations and a health check. She is seriously moulting at the moment. The vet asked me if I brush her – I usually do that once a week or so. I had brushed her just the day before and still fur was everywhere. The vet showed me something I had never seen before – brushing the fur with wet fingers.


This is a revelation, my friends. Happy and I sat down for over an hour later that day and played a new game which she was a huge fan of. I wasn’t sure she would enjoy this at first because she will run at the slightest droplet of water. I filled a bucket with water, wet my hands, and use my hands as the brush, then put them back in the water to wash off the fur.. Every time I would stop, she would look at me with this face that said, MORE, PLS. She even let me do her tail, belly, neck, face and paws..


So it is eye cream twice daily for Grumpy, plus 7 days of that lovely Elizabethan collar and a return visit next Friday. Sprinkle gets daily wet brushing plus brush-brushing. Both of them will be getting less kibble as they are getting a little chunky. After the 7 days, we might add in some daily laser dot time for both of them.

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22 thoughts on “That Escalated Quickly.

  1. Poor Grumpy! My dog had an eye ulcer once which took for freakin’ ever to heal. I’m not sure I’d want to try and put eye drops in my cats’ eyes. Fred was so incredibly patient with them. He’d sit calmly between my feet and lift his head up – and screw his eye as tightly shut as possible. Cats? I can only imagine. I hope that he recovers quickly.

    I may have to try that wet finger brushing, too. Not sure how the brats will feel about the water but it’s worth a try.

  2. I should try wet brushing with my woof. He leaves hair everywhere!

    Poor Grumpy. Lots of gentle hugs for her. I hope it all heals up quickly and both of you survive the ordeal. I hate hate hate sending pets for surgery. I cry. Everytime.

  3. I’ll have to remember that trick for getting the excess fur out with my cats. I have 10 and three are long haired so there’s lots of cat hair in my house! One is a Persian and he sheds a lot.

    • Happy is a changed cat – as soon as I lay the towel down, she is on it waiting.. She has never been one for extended grooming sessions but she really loves this wet brushing. :)

  4. I would be extremely grumpy in that cone. I too cringe at the thought of eye surgery; I had two cataract surgeries that I had to force myself to submit to. They were surreal. My stomach churns even remembering some of it. I wish vets would give more practical advice for cat shedding issues; that’s a great one. Mari doesn’t have long hair, but she does shed quite a bit.

    • She’s managed to take it off twice now, and the two we have are looking very damaged as a result. I think she gets very frustrated with it. But it needs to be worn for 4 more days at least. :/

  5. I’ll try the wet brushing with Angel when the summer heat hits. For now, I’ve discovered that I’m able to brush him, including his very bushy tail, while he is eating. Any other time, forget it!

    • She did take us by surprise somewhat, but I am glad she did it. She had also suggested waiting until Monday because The Other Half was going to Bathurst but I am glad we did not do that, because we’re already 3 days into recovery.. She is a wonderful vet, I just wish we’d found her a couple of years ago. :)

  6. Aw, poor kitty! I can’t imagine that would be any fun for that cat, or you. I pray for a speedy recovery! I will have to try wet brushing with our cat. I use a Furminator brush that works pretty well, and oddly she loves being brushed. But, she still sheds like crazy.

    • She is not loving the collar at all, which means I am not loving that collar either. All I want to do is take it off. But I know it is for the best and it has to stay on. :)

  7. Aww, poor Grumpy! Wet brushing sounds revolutionary. When I used to brush my Tilly it’d make my eyes itch like hell but I bet this way wouldn’t. I’ll bear this in mind for when I get a fur pal.

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