Sunday Selections Week 46


Today I will like to share some photos of the current state of the candle shelf. The first and most obvious change – there are now 3 fake flowers in my vase. One of them is an Apricot Rose. I’m not sure what kind of flower the two purple things are, but I like them. I wrapped them together with some jewelry wire. I left the stems long because I did not want the flowers too close to the flames but the flowers have now developed a significant bend, so I might have to reconsider this.


But wait, did all the colours just change? What the?


I found these submersible LED light changing tealights at a local shop. At 4.95 for 4, they were great value. They are the kind of thing you would put in a table centerpiece for an event and they are seriously awesome. Depending on how long the batteries last in the first 4, I plan to pick up at least 2 more sets this week.


When we last visited this shelf, there were 7 candle holders. Now, there are 16. That is a significant increase! But wait, Snoskred. Have you been burning 16 candles every evening? No, I’m not. That would be pretty wasteful.


Along the front of the candle shelf there are 10 candle holders which sit on a ceramic tray from IKEA. The other 6 candle holders sit behind those. Out of the 16, there are 14 candle holders I most enjoy using..


Before I got the new LED tealights, at the start of each week, I would place one candle in each holder. Each night I would choose 4 candles to light. That would mean you got a different effect each night. On one night – either a Friday or Saturday, I would light up 12 of the candles.


With the new LED tealights I’m going to be able to put on a bigger light show each night without wasting too many candles.


When buying the candle holders I have tried to make sure there is a wide range of colours – there is a green crystal skull, a red and orange mosaic candle holder, yellow, green, pink and purple candle holders. There are also some reflective metal holders with shapes cut into them. You can see the stars being thrown onto the wall from one of those, which has an LED tea light in it.


I am on the lookout for a couple of Christmas related items here over the next couple of weeks – maybe a sparkly and reflective tree.. (see update below!)


I think the shelf is at maximum capacity now, and I may start rotating the candle holders on a weekly basis if I find more items that I need to buy.. So there you have it, the current state of the candle shelf. :)

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Christmas Cards –


I was at Kmart doing some wandering while The Other Half had an eye test – turns out he has almost perfect vision, of course! – and I saw these beauties. In past years I never sent Christmas Cards but this year I am more into cards and I will be trying to send one to everyone in the family. I also thought if any of my readers would like a card, I would send them one.

If you want a card from Snoskred, drop me your postal address via my contact form, and I will post them out soonest to make sure they arrive by Christmas. It may not be one of these cards pictured above, I might surprise you with something different, it depends on how many I need to send. You might find another surprise inside, as well.


I also picked up a couple of these for my candle shelf at the massive price of $2.50 each. They are at the back inside the metal IKEA candle holders. :)

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 46

    • It is my daily indulgence but I consider it a necessary one. In fact I believe without my candle shelf last Winter, I would have suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder as I usually do, because in winter when it starts getting dark so early, I struggle with that. But this year I found myself looking forward to the early dark time, so I could light the candles.

      Now, I have to remember to light them around 6pm or else I forget, and then I have to blow them out at bedtime, and with tea lights I find I cannot light them a second time, so that is not optimal.. :)

  1. I am intrigued by your candle shelf. It makes me happy to see all the colors and light. I haven’t sent out Christmas cards since my husband died. However, I do send out New Year’s cards. It’s a better fit for me, since December is always a tough month.

    • I am surrounded by people determined not to have any kind of Christmas whatsoever, not so much as a tiny tree or door wreath, so December is super sucky for me as well. I’ve decided this year I will enjoy sending cards and make the most of that! :)

  2. OOOO This is very pretty. I could stare at it changing colours for ages… Give me a drink and a cushion and I’m in meditation mode. :) xoxo

    • The pineapple invasion has only just begun, I suspect. I saw some gorgeous ones at a little shop at Shellharbour.. I also see Kmart have their white ones back again. If they brought back the jade ones, I would have to get one of those.. I could not resist! :)

    • It is a constant delight to watch, Beth. Last night I lit all the red candles and just had one LED tealight going, it was beautiful. Tonight I will light all the yellow and green. :)

    • The thought has crossed my mind.. I am actually considering a second shelf in another location, if I can find a cabinet at the right height. The cats cannot jump onto the current shelf at all. :)

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