Sunday Selections Week 42


Would you like to go to the garden centre with me? Don’t worry, we will look with our eyeballs, not our purses.


These were new to me – lollipop daisies. I am not normally a daisy fan but I love these!


They had quite a range of different coloured daisies.


This bee was a fan.


Out of all the non flowering plants, I deeply love Pittosporum. My parents have this planted down one side of their house and have made it into a hedge of awesomeness.


This little plant is called a Loropetalum. Every year at this particular garden centre they grow something to a very large size and make a feature of it out the front of the place, then they have smaller versions inside for people to buy. This years plant has proved so popular, the local Bunnings are stocking it too.


There is some truth in advertising.. :)


What a gorgeous display of purple and pink! I bought the Aubrieta.

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17 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 42

    • I would love to put in a row of them on the *other* side of our fence but we have no idea exactly who owns the land there. It is a lane way which goes behind all the houses and nobody is quite sure why. I’d love to screen that lane way off with pittosporum. We can’t do it on this side without losing a lot of lawn. Then again, maybe that would be an ok thing but the chooks would not agree. :)

  1. I love those daisies! I don’t think I’ve seen those colors before. I really need some daisies for my yard. I think they would go well with my historic house. Maybe next year I’ll build a better garden.

  2. I would love to go the the garden center. Your photos are fabulous and I love these very pretty flowers that Buddha watches over. Thank you for sharing with Today’s Flowers and I wish you a very happy Sunday.

    • Hi DeniseinVA – thanks for stopping by my place, I love your blog. :) This post fit in with your linkup so I added my link, and once a month I do a Sunday Garden post which should work as well.. :)

    • I love any flowers. At least I am allowed to buy live ones, The Other Half is against cut flowers, he has allergies, plus he thinks it is flower murder. He is a little wacky in the skull.. :)

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