Broken Arrow


The first time I ever saw a clip from Broken Arrow was at a product night for surround sound, back in the mid-90’s when there was no such thing as downloading a movie and people were into having movie sound at home.


Already being a big fan of both Christian Slater and John Travolta I would have been going to see this movie at the cinema purely based on their being in it.


When I heard that Samantha Mathis was going to be the lead female actress I was even more excited to see it. I was such a fan of Christian and Samantha together in Pump Up The Volume.


So the storyline goes like this – Captain Hale (Slater) and Major Deakins (Travolta) are taking a stealth bomber out on an “exercise” over Utah with two nuclear weapons. Deakins wants to steal the weapons and he has everything all planned out, including ejecting Hale from the plane as a surprise to himself. Hale, understandably not a fan of any of these plans, teams up with a park ranger (Mathis) to try and foil the theft.


John Travolta is suitably bad-a** in this film


Alas poor helicopters! I did not anticipate the massive amount of violence towards helicopters which appears in this film. They crash and blow up *four* of them. Plus they crash a stealth bomber.


It is my opinion that this movie contains a lot of brilliant lines but by far the best one is “Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons?” said through the clenched teeth of John Travolta.


The scenery should get credit as a co-star because it is utterly gorgeous.

It had been so long since I had seen this movie, the copy I own is on VHS video. I was sure I had it on dvd and searched the movie shelf to no avail. I asked The Other Half if he knew where it was and he told me we did not own it on DVD.


Oops, small movie fail – this aircraft is being towed, you do not need the person with the lighted wands as well. :) There are quite a lot of movie fails in this movie however that does not stop it from being awesome and worth watching.

Overall the film is great if you want an action movie where you can go along for a ride and not have to think too much. Beware though, if you do start thinking, you’ll see a raft of errors, continuity fails and goofs. If you have a helicopter phobia, this film might be best avoided.

And a final Christian Slater note – the hair is too short to do that awfully cute flopsy thing he has going in some of his other movies, plus the eyebrows are not quite dark enough to have them make their usual impact. I am a big fan of his. I have already mentioned he is a man I love to watch, so of course I would enjoy any movie with him in it.


Thanks to Darylisms Tumblr for the gif – I searched high and low for one photo that would do proper justice to the well groomed eyebrows of Christian Slater and none of them did, but this gif image does. :)

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