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csWhat is it about this guy that makes him so watchable? Yes, he’s cute, but that’s not it. It’s about the eyebrows. There is something so fascinating about what his eyebrows are going to do next, you just can’t take your eyes off him.

He’s made a lot of movies over the years, but here’s what I consider to be the top 5, and why.

5. Broken Arrow – A lot of people trashed this movie, but for me it was a second dose of the chemistry between Samantha Mathis and Christian Slater. Plus, John Travolta was brilliant in my opinion “Would you mind not shooting at the thermonuclear weapons” – classic :) However, it has given me a fear of helicopters which has been difficult to build a bridge over.

4. Murder In The First – Both Christian Slater and Kevin Bacon were fantastic in this movie. Gary Oldman was amazing also – and just two years later he was an incredible baddie in Air Force One, with a Russian accent no less. Alcatraz the location starred as well – and it was really filmed there.

3. Bed Of Roses – Ah, the romance. What a lovely film and so many flowers. :) A true chick flick, guys you’ll probably hate it.

2. Pump Up The Volume – Just see it, if you haven’t already. I love this film. There’s not really words to explain why. I don’t know how many times I have watched it. Now that I have the DVD, it’ll be a lot more times!

1. Heathers. Christian Slater, Winona Ryder, Shannen Doherty.. this is a true cult classic containing some of the most memorable lines ever seen on screen. Christian looked stunning, his eyebrows should have been credited for their role, not to mention his hair which was doing something amazing. He was also very evil, which is a role he played most comfortably here and again in Very Bad Things a few years later.

A nice video of pretty Christian Slater pictures –

A clip from Heathers –

Pump Up The Volume trailer

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3 thoughts on “Men I love to watch – Christian Slater

  1. Ha! Christian Slater! I haven’t really thought about him in years, but now that you have asked me to consider both Pump Up The Volume and Heathers, I have to agree that Christian Slater is/was totally awesome. Thanks for reminding me of an old favorite.

  2. I loved him in Heathers. He seems so…I don’t know…rational, in a very messed-up way. You know, like he’s our collective id, knowing, just knowing, that the Heathers probably deserve to die, and for once, actually making it happen. I think that’s one reason I loved that movie–I would never never never be like or do what Winona did under his tutelage, but it certainly fulfilled some deep-seated fantasies from middle school.

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