Violence – almost

In order to tell you about this I have to go back in time. Back to May 2004, when we purchased a brand new car. And she’s gorgeous. Seriously. For the first few months, it was difficult to leave her in a carpark. I was always terrified someone would dent it. If someone just *looked* at my car the wrong way I wanted to rip off their head and shit down their neck. I was always giving people the evil eye.

By the start of 2005, I’d begun to relax about it a bit. The other half reversed it into things twice and we got the bumper bar replaced under insurance. In February of 2005 we drove the car on a big across Australia trip, from Adelaide to Canberra to Batemans Bay to Sydney to Tamworth to Dubbo to Cobar and back home. While in Sydney, we parked the car in a carpark for *15* minutes. When we came back, there was this HUGE dent in the passenger (my) door.

It was a shitty feeling. It still is a shitty feeling, because fixing it would cost a shitload for such a cosmetic thing and we haven’t done it and so every time I get in the car, I am faced with it. If I could find the person who did it, I do not know what I would do, but I know it wouldn’t be anything nice.

So today we went to get a gas bottle for the bbq. We parked the car and when I got out there was a huge flash of lightning so I got straight back in the car. I have a fear of lightning at petrol (gas for the American readers) stations. Yes, crazy I know. I was sitting there waiting and this car pulls up next to us. The chick in the front seat opens her door and bangs it into my car. I look at her, mouth open, look of shock on my face. The driver of the car sees me. The woman sees me. The woman proceeds to bang her door into my car a *second* time. I am horrified! I can’t believe she would do such a thing.

I get out of my car and walk around to look if she made a dent – by pure luck, she had not. She’s got out of the car by now and she says to me “We didn’t hit your car” I said “Yes, you did hit it, with your door, and you did it twice!” She waves a hand at me, sort of like talk to the hand, and walks off. I just stood there, absolutely fuming. If she had made a dent, I would probably have chased her and yelled at her, a lot. I may have even punched her. I’m not a violent person but SHOW SOME RESPECT FOR OTHERS PROPERTY, BIATCH!

I have never actually punched someone in anger. Unless you count pummelling my sister when we were growing up, but that was done with love. ;) So I don’t think it counts. But I seem to be getting more and more angry when I see stuff like this happen. Some people would say it’s just a car, don’t worry about it, it’s not worth it, but damn, I kinda think it is.

The other half saw the whole thing from inside the petrol station and he really thought we were going to get into a fight. I’m surprised though, normally he would have stormed out there and let her have a piece of his mind. I think maybe with couples if one of us is angry the other one tends to be calm.

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4 thoughts on “Violence – almost

  1. Holy crap! I think I might have kicked the shit out of her car at that point. Although, do you have cameras at gas stations like in the US? If not, you should DEFINITELY have kicked the shit out of her car, then stood there with your hand up saying, “I didn’t touch your car”.

    I get that anger too. Once I heard about a girl at the university who was assaulted on her way to school. I felt really bad for her, then thought about what I would have done, and I got really angry and thought, they would have to kill me or at least knock me unconscious to get me to stop kicking and punching and fighting.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I love founding out new blogs and bookmarking them – which is what I have done with yours.

    I totally understand what you wrote here. We got a new car last year too and I love it. We were parked at a Tim Horton’s (Canadian Coffee shop) and this old guy parks too close beside us and when he gets out he bangs on our door. It left a mark! My husband couldn’t even get out (and he’s not a big guy) and we rolled down our windows and started yelling at him.

    Needless to say, we made a big scene and the guy ended up walking away from us – but I was totally fuming!

    You’re right – have some respect!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, my dog is a greyhound and I just adopted him. He raced for 1 year in 69 races and is now enjoying the time as a couch potato.

    I came to your blog and started reading about scam baiting – very interesting. I’ll be back.

  4. What a dope that lady was. I mean to do it twice. Surely she would hear the her door bang into yours. Honestly.

    I was looking at your lemon tree. That’s kinda neat to have. It wouldn’t survive where I live, too cold. Plus the deer would have it for a snack too.

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