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Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman.

By far, the largest amount of images of any one actor on my hard drive belong to the amazing and brilliant Aaron Paul. Sure, there are also plenty of Bryan Cranston, and when you consider that I have been writing the Rewatch Breaking Bad blog for almost a year now, this really is not very surprising.

Aaron Paul was almost not cast as Jesse Pinkman because Vince Gilligan thought he was too pretty. I forget exactly where I picked up that nugget of info – maybe one of the podcasts, I am guessing.


How does one even begin to talk about this character and the actor who brought this character to life?


We first meet Jesse as he flees the bedroom of a MILF while the DEA raids the house next door, where his cooking partner Emilio was cooking meth. Walter White is waiting in the car and sees Jesse fall off the roof, they lock eyes, and it turns out they know each other – Jesse was a former chemistry student in Walt’s class.

Walter turns up at Jesse’s house later that day and makes him an offer he can’t refuse – to become partners and cook meth. He can’t refuse because, as Walt says “Either that…or I turn you in.”

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In case you have never seen Breaking Bad, here is one of my favourite clips from the pilot.

It was obvious to anyone watching the show that Aaron Paul was giving an incredible performance. Over the 5 seasons and 62 episodes of the show, the character of Jesse went on an incredible journey and we were all along for the ride. Fans of the show grew to love Jesse, and by extension, they also grew to love the actor who played him.

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Aaron Paul won 3 very well deserved Emmy awards for his role of Jesse Pinkman, for the episodes “Half Measures” “End Times” and “Confessions”.

When the show ended, Aaron Paul decided he wanted to do something fun, and he took the lead role in Need for Speed. It was the first time I went to see a movie that involved car races, and both The Other Half and I truly enjoyed this movie.

Since then I have seen a few more movies that Aaron Paul has been involved with and I am looking forward to several that are coming out soon – most notably Eye in the Sky with Helen Mirren, Triple 9, and the 9th life of Louis Drax.

It has recently been reported that Aaron Paul will be returning to teevee screens in a new show called The Way.

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Whether it be on big screens or small, Aaron Paul is one man I love to watch.

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    • Absolutely – it is a television masterpiece. :) When you do get around to watching it, check out my Rewatch Breaking Bad blog – each episode is listed in the sidebar so there are no spoilers, you have to click on the episode name to access the post for that episode. From the start of season 2 onwards, there was an official insider podcast which went with each episode, giving viewers info from behind the scenes and it is quite a fascinating listen, so if you are enjoying the show by the end of season one that is worth hearing as well. I put the link to each podcast as an mp3 file so people can listen to it on their computer, and also the link to the apple thingy if people have an iphone or whatevers. :)

  1. There’s a few men I like to watch too; some of our city buskers are rather cute. There’s one who plays a saxophone so well, I always give him extra coins.

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