Carter Models Again


I found this years Winter Knit! YAY. It is a gorgeous knit from Millers. It cost the enormous sum of $15. It is a long cardigan – or perhaps a coatigan – which reaches around my knees. Wearing it is taking some getting used to, especially getting into the car. :)


This is a closeup of the fabric which has a gold metallic thread running through it.


I found this years knit at Wollongong on a recent shopping excursion. As part of Wollongong Central, they have opened up a new shopping centre across the road from the Crown Street Mall which contains such awesomes as Grill’d, Max Brenner, Guzman Y Gomez, to name a few. There is a new food court up the top with things like Schnitz and an amazing salad place called Soul Origin with a huge range of delicious fresh salads.


I also picked up this lovely poncho. Many happy moments were had by all on this shopping trip. :)

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15 thoughts on “Carter Models Again

  1. Love the poncho, which looks like a giant draped scarf. Does the ‘coatigan’ have any form of closure or just hang open? I prefer something I can close.

    • It does not have a closure – with that said my experience with Millers knits, the buttons do not tend to stay on them especially long and then I’m left with a button hole that is redundant. I could do a Michelle Obama and use a belt at the waist, or I could use a brooch. However I have found my cross body bag holds it closed quite well for me. :)

      • While I can do that easily with regular outfits, these knits are a little more tricky to sew the buttons back on, as most of them use wool for the thread and they are large, chunky buttons. I did try once, but it failed, so I gave up.. ;)

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