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Carter modelling a Millers Knit.

Millers is a weird store. It has gorgeous maxi dresses and sparkly things, but mixed in with that, there are some Clothes Reserved For Older Ladies. It has quite a bit of what I can only call “Fluffy Wear”. Which is sometimes exactly what you want when you are looking for your one great knit.

At least three of my past winter knits have originated from Millers. This purple and black fluffy knit has been a lot of places with me and was my first ever “hunting season” knit, which I bought in the winter of 2007. I can still wear it now, but mostly I use it around the house and wear my most recent knit for going out. It is still going pretty well for an 8 year old knit.

I have already dropped into Millers this season and I can tell you two things – they have some gorgeous long line cardigans at incredibly reasonable prices. The one that caught my eye in store was this Taupe Stripe Cardigan – it is much better in person and it has a metallic gold stripe.

It is entirely possible I might also go back for this Textured Coatigan which seems very Duchess of Cambridge.

And they have plenty of fluffy wear, too. For example this gorgeous popcorn coatigan.

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7 thoughts on “Millers Knits

  1. Long cardigans are super popular right now; I’m seeing them everywhere. As short as I am, I’m not sure it’s a great look for me, but maybe I should give it a shot.

  2. Every time I see Carter it makes me smile. I love the taupe cardi, it is a proper old lady cardigan, but that just makes it all the more magnificent! I learned the joys of ‘elder wear’ from two of my male friends, who are over a decade younger than me, both of whom rock a grandad-jumper in epic style. Here’s to embracing one’s autumn years before they actually arrive. ;)

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