The Clothing Chronicles – Part 2


Not long after the Millers shopping trip I mentioned in part 1, I was about to head out for the day and picked an outfit. I was unhappy to find that my mesh top which was part of this outfit no longer fit me. Mesh tops are something those of us who do not love our upper arms depend on, to enable us to wear sleeveless tops and dresses. They can also turn a low cut top into something less cleavage-tastic.

All of mine were from Ezibuy. Over the past 15 years, I had bought that top in blue, red and white, plus several black ones, all in size 16.

No problem, I thought. I will just go back and order some more of those mesh tops in a smaller size. Only one small obstacle – the Ezibuy top was now sold out. So I put aside a day for wandering the local shops in the hopes I could find one. HAHAHHAHA. I would have better luck finding a unicorn. In desperation I went into shops I would never have thought to look in, and not only did I not find my mesh tops, I did not find anything in those places that I liked at all.

A few times I thought I had found them – or a lace version – only to find on closer inspection that the bodysuit is back, baby. I can’t even understand why. On one later shopping trip I was in a bathroom and heard the girl next to me having a lot of trouble, eventually saying I can’t undo this bodysuit, Mum! Her Mum had to go in and help her undo the bodysuit. It brought back memories of times when I could not undo them myself. Why do we wear things that cause such problems, ladies? And why has not technology solved that problem? ;)

Ok then, let me search the online shops. HAHAHAHHA. After a couple of hours of fruitless searching, I was getting very cranky. Then I remembered one of my old school reliable backup online shops – TVSN.


Happily they had this one, and unsure what size to get but knowing mesh tops can often accommodate more than one size, I bought the 10 and 12, figuring I could either send back the one that doesn’t fit quite as well. When they arrived they both fit well but the 10 was better overall and that is the size I would order next time. I kept the 12 as well.

When I bought it only the black was available, however they have a range of other colours that go in and out of stock and I was tempted to invest in a few more this past weekend, until I clicked on the size button to find red was the only colour left in my size. These tops are super popular and with good reason. I like the Boo Radley one more than the Ezibuy one, it has a slightly higher neckline.

The other must have layering item for those who do not love their arms is a shrug cardigan. I had to pack away a few after winter last year because they were way too big. Now, two of my most favourite shrugs in teal green and pink no longer fit me. This means I am left with two shrugs that work – these are a lurex glittery stretch fabric which will work for me at most sizes.


It seems from all my searching, the shrug is out, and longer cardigans are in. Sometimes even ridiculously long! That photo is the purple floor length cardigan. Zulily is a site I have never shopped at yet but I do browse it quite often and get their daily emails, it has a lot of stuff which is my style mixed in with a lot of stuff that is not.

I did manage to find a couple of shrugs in my travels but they are both black, I could not find a shrug in a colour at all. I will keep looking but I am not very hopeful.


Just to give you an idea of how much of my wardrobe relies on these mesh tops and shrug cardigans – here are all my sleeveless things. There are more than 30 items here.

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8 thoughts on “The Clothing Chronicles – Part 2

  1. I actually like those long cardigans, well, maybe not floor-length! I have one that I wear every day, it’s grey and it goes below my knees. I keep in on the chair in my office for when I get chilly. I bought it in 1998!!!!!!!!!!!! It has a few holes, but I will never throw it out lol…I was looking through my wardrobe lately and realized I have somehow transitioned into a “hoody” gal. Every sweater and sweatshirt I own has a hood. Funny…I never realized it. But clothing for me isn’t a huge deal because we live basically in pj’s lol…and when I go out, it’s for comfort to be out with the dogs or in the yard. I’m happy I don’t need to go clothing shopping much. When I do, I just hit the local thrift stores.

    • The last time I did any real clothes shopping before this was 2013 in Hawaii. I bought enough to wear for just over 3 years and everything was so cheap over there – well compared to here in Australia anyway. Most tops cost me less than $20, usually around the $12 mark, most pants were less than $10, dresses less than $10. But even more important than the price is the quality. I do not know why things here are so low quality and so up money.

      I did find a new company making great clothes right here in Australia and the quality is amazing for the prices they are asking. I think you would love it, they make a lot of hoodies. :)

      • Now hold on…I seem to remember some clothes shopping that you did about 6 or 7 months ago which involved not leaving your lounge chair, but not involving the fine folks at TVSN ;)

        In any event, all of these outfits are very you, which is a Happy Moment :)

  2. I’m beginning to be really thankful that I don’t have much more than T-shirts and shorts in my drawers. Style? None here. The one thing I don’t like is how many women’s t-shirts have such low cut necklines. I really don’t want acres of chest wrinkles and a half mile of cleavage on show.

    • Next time you are down at Glenelg, River, if you like what you see on their website ( you could check out a place called Ghanda clothing, much of it is made in Australia. They are at number 48 Jetty Rd. I bought a couple of long sleeved tees there and what I most love is that they have a slightly longer sleeve and a really great cuff – for me I get pretty cold in winter thanks to the thyroid issues and I need something with a bit longer sleeve. Their necklines are super high and they show zero cleavage but it is maybe more of a “surf wear” style. I got one womens top and one mens because I do like to have a little more room at times. ;)

  3. Great fabrics and patterns on your collection. You could wear them all together here and you’d be my featured blog guest! I hate when I know exactly what I need and confidently go out shopping to find it nowhere. Then, months later, when I no longer need it, it’s everywhere.

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