The Clothing Chronicles – Part 3


I mentioned in my first post how sizes are never the same across stores and how I always pick up the wrong size automatically – this time I am going to talk some more about the mental change that you need to make once you have lost some weight.

A few weeks ago I let the chooks out, and Rosie took off like all the foxes in Australia were chasing her. It was so funny, I took note of the time – it was dead on midday. I said to the other half when he got home he should look at our cameras so he could see Rosie, and what I saw actually shocked me. I could not believe that person on the camera was me.

The “I’m much larger than I actually am” mentality is part of the reason why I reach for the larger size automatically. I’m now less than one kilo from my goal weight of 70kg but in my mind I am at least 10kg heavier than that.

I went to Rockmans recently specifically to look at the “Long Sleeve Dressy Shirt Hem Sequin Knit” you see above. I’d been looking for a top with some sparkle that I could wear under my leather jacket. I love mixed media pieces and this chiffon hem thing seems to be a big trend here this year, though I bought several pieces like this on my Hawaii trip in 2013.

This chiffon hem is just that, literally a hem added on to the bottom of the jumper. The jumper itself can be a little scratchy because of the sequins in the knit, just so you know. But it was exactly what I was looking for and there is such little sparkly out there in the shops this year.

Recent experiences have taught me to take more than one size into the fitting room and in this case I took in the small and the medium. I tried on the small first and was shocked when it fit perfectly.

The small size.
The medium size was just too big this time, especially as I wanted to wear it under a jacket. But my mind tried so hard to convince me to get the medium. It said quite clearly –

“Won’t you be more comfortable in the medium?”

“You like having room to move in your clothes, I think you should get the medium”

“If you get the medium you can wear another top underneath”

To all of this I said SHUT UP I am getting the small because it fits better. And so I did, plus BONUS it was half price so I got it for $30 and here it is in an outfit.

That inner voice trying to tell me incorrect things is one reason why shopping can be an exhausting experience. In this case I had specifically gone to try on this one thing so it was a little easier and this was the only shop I went to, so it was less tiring than usual.

Picking out things you want to try on before you even leave the house is a great way to go about this task, I have discovered. The obvious problem can be it might not be in stock at your store in your size but some stores now have the ability to tell you whether an item is in stock at your store.


Rockmans is one of the stores that can do this.

After my recent shopping adventures I now have quite a few new loyalty cards and some of these shops now send me daily emails which can be great if you are wanting to get something specific when it is on sale like I did with this top. I have a number of items bookmarked for future purchase when they are on sale or on clearance, if I miss out on them in my size then it is not meant to be.

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9 thoughts on “The Clothing Chronicles – Part 3

  1. Fabulous outfit!! I need to clothes shop and develop some sort of style. Before weight loss it was just whatever would fit me and looked semi-decent.

    • The leather and zipper thing came to me as a huge surprise, it is not my usual style at all. I went to this little local clothes boutique and had a major try on session and I may have been watching a little too much of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover in the weeks beforehand because all the things I most loved looked like they came right out of her wardrobe. ;) She wears a lot of black in fact that is her signature colour, but in that space she plays with textures, plenty of mixed media which is one of my favourite things.

      If you can’t take someone along with you I highly recommend the taking of change room photos. First of all because our lying eyes and our mindset lie to us when we are looking at the mirror but the camera tends not to do that. You can send them to someone else while you are trying things on, too. :)

      It can be time consuming especially if you want to get bargains, like shopping the clearance racks at Macys or Nordstrom Rack or something like that. I find it easier to break it up into parts, like a couple of weeks ago I went shopping specifically for warmer workout leggings to wear around the house, that was all I looked at that day and that was the only thing I tried on that day. :)

  2. It’s a pretty top but any scratchiness is a big no no for me. I couldn’t stand it. Congratulations on being only one kilo away from your goal.

    • I think I could put a thin top under it which would help with the scratchiness. I wish they’d lined it with the stuff they put on the hem because that feels very plush for chiffon, or even a different fabric. :)

  3. Love the outfit and that was a great buy. It is definitely always a gamble as to what size is going to fit – I usually take a couple of options in myself. Then if it’s full price, I wishlist it online and wait for a sale!

    • It has been a long time since I did any shopping in Australia, the last time I bought clothes was 2013 on Oahu in Hawaii. Coming back here to shop after that knowing what I could get over there for the prices I could get it over there, I just couldn’t do it. Now I am really happy to see how far they have come with the technology and letting people know they have something in stock at your local place. That is cool! ;)

      TK Maxx is here now and I have spent a delightful few hours in there picking through the sales racks, it felt just like shopping in Hawaii. And the prices were pretty excellent for Australia as well – I got some gorgeous fleece lined workout pants for under $30 a pair and when I looked for them online in USD they were double that price for the same brand. :) Happy shopping moments! ;)

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