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Edited to add – I wrote this post last week. Take That are originally from Manchester and they are actually scheduled to play at Manchester Arena this upcoming weekend. They hold the record for the most concerts performed at that venue. Those concerts will likely be cancelled in light of the terror attack there and rightly so. I imagine security will be increased at concerts world wide as a result. What a horrible thing to happen, especially to children and teenagers who were likely to be fans of the musician playing there.

Since my recent Take That post, I have been thinking.. what do I consider my favourite Take That songs? The answer is not at all simple. There are so many songs over so many years. Take That music is generally very sing-a-long-able which is one reason why it is so popular in the UK where everyone goes to the pub and music plays and people sing along. Many of the songs have sections that do not have lyrics as we know them but things like oh oh oh oh oh (These Days) or ba ba ba ba (Portrait)

Two songs which have always been very popular as wedding first dance songs are – Greatest Day and Rule The World which also appeared in the movie Stardust. Rule the world is very popular for fireworks too because of the lyrics.

My current most favourite song is Let In The Sun – a catchy uplifting tune which is basically about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and getting on with it when things are Not Great.

The other songs guaranteed to get me moving and singing along at the moment are –

These Days – Upbeat and uplifting, like a freshly carbonated bottle of Soda Water. :)

Portrait – This song was performed in concert while the trio rode a bike above the audience and when you listen to it you can see why – this song is perfect for riding your air bike above a stadium of people. Or, the air bikes at Magic Mountain, if they still existed. That one is especially for the Adelaidians. :)

Giants – One of the newly released songs from Wonderland – I knew the guys were “back” in Australia when I heard this playing in a shop at Stockland.

I Like It – Sometimes the boys write a song with a specific purpose in mind – this song was the kick off song for their tour in 2015 so the lyrics are kind of specific to that. But I like it, anyway. :)

The one song I have never been a fan of is probably one of their most well known in Australia which is Back For Good. Over time the newer music has become more loved by me than the original music ever was. In particular I loved the albums Progress when Robbie Williams rejoined the band for an album and tour after a 15 year separation and I especially loved III which was the band with just Gary, Howard and Mark.

There was a documentary that went along with the making of Progress called Look Back, Don’t Stare, which was a really special moment for long time fans of the band, featuring behind the scenes footage of recording the Progress album and the band sorting out some of their long time personal issues with each other.

Take That have a new album out now called Wonderland and they will be touring Australia later this year.

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4 thoughts on “5 Much Loved Take That Songs

    • Just like how everyone knows a-ha for Take On Me when that was probably one of their least great songs from that first album of theirs.. :) And I think Back for Good was big in the USA too. But they broke up as a band right after that album. The newer music is much more beautiful – Gary Barlow used to write all the songs himself and now he lets everyone contribute and the music is much better as a result. In fact on the last two albums they wrote all the songs together. Gary has always been the best vocalist and he has become an even better one over time. :)

  1. Back for Good is one of my all time faves! I’m so pleased you posted this because I had no idea the guys were coming down under. All my friends in the UK were going to see them and my FOMO was real so now I can be in with a chance to see them too. I’ve been loving on the guys since Take That and Party and my biggest claim to fame is meeting Mark in a nightclub and having a chat. Have you seen the carpool karaoke with TT? It’s the best!

    • I had not seen the carpool karaoke, though Sephyroth had sent me the link. I am watching it now. James seems to be a real fan of theirs which is something I love to see :) I hope there are still some tickets left and you can get some! ;) We are going to stay up in Sydney for the concert as it is a couple of hours drive from here.

      There is a cinema event on June 6th but unfortunately I cannot seem to find anywhere in Australia that it is playing it. Seems to be UK and Europe only. :/ I liked the band on FB which is where I heard about the Aussie concerts. ;)

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