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Sometimes I am well behind the times here in Snoskredland – I just discovered the awesomeness of SBS on Demand. I will like to point out two TV shows – one older show which I saw back in 2014 – one which is brand new and starts airing this weekend but will likely be available via On Demand – plus one documentary available via this service and highly recommend them to you.


This show is one of the slowest paced shows I have ever watched but I have loved every single second of it. Aden Young is incredible as Daniel, a man who has served 19 years on death row and now DNA evidence sees him released.

How does Daniel return to the world after a 19 year absence? How does Daniel and his family deal with his return to the home town where people still think he is a murderer?

Click here to view Rectify via SBS on Demand. See Rectify on IMDB here.

Room 101

Starting this Saturday night, you can spend some time with the awesome Paul Mcdermott via this new SBS show, Room 101. I know nothing at all about this show, but if Paul McDermott is involved, I am totally THERE for it. The synopsis says –

Laugh out loud as Paul McDermott finds out what winds up your favourite Aussie celebrities, as they try to persuade Paul to banish their pet hates into the Room 101 vault.

I’m sure this will end up @ SBS on demand as well. You might want to just browse it and see if there is anything you want to watch there.

24 Hours In Emergency

This show currently airs on SBS at 8:30pm on Wednesday nights. It is worth tuning in to see it, and there are a couple of episodes presently available via On Demand. Each show in this series covers 24 hours in the emergency department of Kings College Hospital in the UK.

Hospital emergency departments can be fascinating places to visit. The show allows us to take a deeper look, get to know some of the staff and see the things they have to deal with on a daily basis, meet the patients and hear some of their stories and views on life.. this is a deeply touching documentary which will put a smile on your face and sometimes cause salt water to fall from your eyebulbs. BYO tissues.

Do yourself a favour and watch the episode titled “Boys Don’t Cry” – the nurses truly shine in this episode. Click here to view 24 Hours In Emergency via SBS on Demand

7/7: One day in London

Today marks 10 years since the 7/7 terror attacks in London. This documentary is utterly heart breaking. There are some quite graphic descriptions of what happened to some of the people. At one point there is the story of a handbag of one of the survivors – that was the most upsetting story to me, especially when it turned out the family did not know what had happened to their loved one for a full 7 days.

I would not usually suggest a show to you which I found deeply upsetting but I feel like it is important to remember those who lost their lives and to hear the stories of the people who survived, the stories of the people who did not, and the stories of those who went in to help. I can guarantee you will need tissues for this one.

Click Here to view 7/7: One day in London on ABC iview.

Over to you –

If you do watch any of these shows or documentaries, drop back and let me know what you think. Also let me know what you are watching lately in the comments. :)

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6 thoughts on “Television Tuesday – SBS On Demand

  1. The Rectify program sounds very good. I love 24 Hours in Emergency. The documentary on the Islamic terrorism attacks on London sounds like harrowing but necessary viewing xx

  2. 24 Hours in A&E is great, I’ve watched all seasons so far. They’re in a different hospital now, which is sad, I miss the old faces!

    I was living in London for 7/7 and all day today I kept thinking there was something about today’s date! Realised earlier when someone from the UK tweeted about it.

    I’ve got UK Netflix and I’ve finished Orange is the New Black, which I was not that impressed with. I’ve also been watching Sense8 which is good and American Horror Story. Plus le Tour is on, so I’ve caught a bit of that too (turning my tv on for the first time in months!!)

    • I did not know they moved away from Kings.. I will miss the staff there! :/

      OITNB I loved the first two seasons. The third was flat out whackadoo, terrible storylines and nowhere near enough Laverne Cox. I heard good things about Sense 8, and one day I will binge on American Horror Story.

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