Word Bubbles


There are three different versions of Word Bubbles available on Lumosity. My favourite one is the newest one which is still in Beta mode, but truthfully they are all great. I’m just having a lot more success with the newest one.

How does this game work?


There are three levels involved in word bubbles. To begin with, you are given two starting letters for a word, and you have to try to make as many words as you can out of those starting letters. There is a timer which ticks down. I am not sure how long it is, maybe 30 seconds or so.


On level 2, the starter is 3 letters long, and halfway through the timer the third letter drops away.


This means while I am making words with the 3 letter start, I can also be thinking about words with just the 2 letters.


For level 3, it is a 4 letter start with two drop aways during the level.


Why do I love it?

This game helps me with my vocabulary skills and also I personally believe it helps me with that word on the tip of your tongue but you can’t find it thing that happens. That happens to me much less often than it used to.


Also, it is just plain fun. Which helps when you are playing a game. I sometimes get a weird urge to play it and pause whatever else I am doing for a few minutes so I can indulge that urge. Some days I might play it 3-4 times, some days just once. It isn’t included in the daily training yet so I have to seek it out myself.


I keep getting better and better at this game, so I’ll keep playing.. :)

Over To You –

How is your vocabulary? :) Do you play any word games?

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7 thoughts on “Word Bubbles

  1. My word game fun comes from code cracker puzzles and those nine letter puzzles in the paper where you find the nine letter word and also make as many words as you can from the letters but each words must contain the central letter.

    • My parents have an app with a nine letter word and then you have to make as many words as you can out of the 9 letters. :) They love that thing and can sit out the back for an entire afternoon playing it.

  2. Oh this would be helpful to me IF I got over being frustrated at not doing well. I can’t manage anagrams at all. I just stare blankly at the letters. **Sigh** I like the cross words where each letter is a number and you have to find the letters.

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