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Every day at 6:03am, Lumosity sends me an email to remind me to brain train today. You can set the reminder emails to be morning, afternoon or evening. I like morning. I have also set myself a couple of reminders on my mobile in case I forget.


When you click on start your workout, you arrive at this summary screen which shows you an overview of where you are presently, and tells you how many days in a row you have trained for.


I’m working on a decent streak of training right now – I have 80 days as of the 8th November 2015 – but if you want to know about a training streak, Sephyroth is at something like 630 674 days of training in a row. I’m not sure I could ever hope to get close to that. ;)


A workout is 5 games. The games change from day to day, to try and give you some balance in your brain training. When you finish each game you see this screen which tells you how todays result compares with your previous scores.


I do believe the training works because I have seen huge improvements in my performance *outside* of Lumosity over my time using Lumosity. My short term memory is a lot better than it used to be. My basic mathematic skills have improved enormously – this from the person who hates maths generally and failed maths in school.


You also get to see this with a measurement called Lumosity Performance Index – above you see my numbers for the 19th of September, and then the 8th of November. These number do fluctuate depending on the daily training and if I have a very bad training moment in a problem solving game, it does get reflected in these numbers. My LPI when I started training was a mere 826 vs 1384 today.


At the end of your five games, you get a summary like this – the trophies mean I got 4 personal best scores out of 5 games which was a pretty huge day for me. I do notice a difference in results based on the time of day I brain train. Somewhere between 1pm-3pm is the best time for my brain.


If you got a score in the top 5 scores, you also get a little top 5 symbol. You are given Lumosity points for each game you complete – 1 point for completion, 2 points for a top 5 score, 3 points for a personal best score.

Over to You –

Do you brain train? If yes, how often?

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6 thoughts on “Daily Training @ Lumosity

    • I find it to be pretty fun. I’m on the family plan at the moment but I will probably be dropping back later this month to just me and I think it works out to something like $1 a week. :) Some of the games are super addictive and I love that it measures things like reaction times..

  1. I don’t brain train. I looked up Lumosity and did a sample test, they said I did well and was invited to join. At a cost of $xx. forget it, I can’t afford it. I’m happy enough with my level of smarts. Or non-smarts as the case may be.

    • It is a lot of fun, Mitchell. My favourite game changes monthly or so.. at the moment it is Word Bubbles (new) which has a submarine theme. They give you a word stem (EG st, ki, lo, dr) and you have to come up with as many words as you can in 30 seconds or so. Then they give you a three letter stem and halfway through the timer, the third letter drops off, then a four letter stem with two drop offs. I’m getting better and better at it, and noting words in books when I am reading for future stems.. :)

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