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I may need some kind of intervention, because I can’t stop playing this game on Lumosity. I’ve been a member there since 2012 and I enjoy the brain training. I can tell you that it has improved my brain, in particular my maths and memory.


So what is Trouble Brewing all about? Making coffee. It is a divided attention time management game. It helps with multi-tasking and in general I was already pretty good at that to begin with considering that was what I did 6 hours a day 4-5 days a week in my last job. But this game has me challenged and pushing myself continually to get to the next level.


To begin with, it is all fun and games and relatively easy because the coffee making machine and the orders are all on the same page.


As you progress, the order screen and the coffee machine screen separate a little. You’ll have a couple of machines on the order screen, then a screen with more machines. Like this –


But when you reach level 9, a terrible happens. You now have one order screen in the middle, and two separate coffee machine screens. Like this –


The order screen


Cafe screen one


Cafe screen two – you can see the coffee level indicator is telling me that cups are nearly full on the other screen. Each level you have to fill more orders but the time does not increase – at least it hasn’t yet. 40 cups in two minutes on level 9.. that is a lot of orders to fill in two minutes!


At the end of the game you get to see your score and your top 5 scores.

As I write this on the 16th of August, I am stuck on level 9. It is my hope that one day soon all the stars will align and the moon will smile on me and I’ll do everything in exactly the right way in order to pass this level and move to level 10.

Update – 05/09/2015


FINALLY!!!!! This is the day the stars aligned and the moon loved me enough to let me complete all 40 orders in 2 minutes. I’m still having trouble believing I finally got past level 9.


Playing this game so much has made me better at the other divided attention *and* memory games because this game uses memory to remember what orders need to be filled. This week I got top scores in Train of Thought and Star Search, plus a memory game where items wash up on a beach and you have to pick ones you have not picked on previous waves. I’m thinking it might be worth focusing in on one particular game for a week at a time and seeing how much I can improve.

Obviously Lumosity have not paid me anything to say this – in fact I have paid them in order to play the games. Nearly two years ago I bought the family plan – it runs out in November, then it is every man for themselves. You can likely find free brain training games on the web, if you look for them. I love the convenience, record keeping, encouragement, and the happy and positive vibe of Lumosity. I’m not sure how much the basic plan costs over there but I know I’ll be signing up for it again.

Over to you –

Do you brain train? :)

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41 thoughts on “Trouble Brewing @ Lumosity

  1. Apart from solitaire and tetris, I’ve never been interested in computer games but this one sounds interesting, as did the one I saw my niece playing yesterday. It was something to do with slicing a pie.

    • They currently have over 50 different games at Lumosity and they are often adding more. I used to play some games on my iphone, mostly time management games which I find to be quite fun. ;)

  2. I haven’t played this since it was in beta (and in the “Problem Solving” section); I knew I had unlocked the second screen – but I was only at level 7. I just went twice at Level 7 and the second time I levelled up :-)

    PS – my streak is at 625 days of doing the daily trainings, and in today’s training I got a high score on Disillusion plus a top 5 in Pinball Recall ;)

    • I usually get a top 5 or high score in at least one thing each day. :) Good on you for this long unbroken streak!

      I was going well until I missed a day by like 30 minutes. The days seem to cut off about 10-30pm my time.

  3. Do I brain train?
    I did a test run at Lumosity after seeing an ad on TV, discovered my brain is ‘4-6% faster than others in my age group’, according to them. Not sure I believe that, it’s probably how they suck people in. Then I discovered there was money to be paid, so didn’t take it any further. I got tired of the emails from them, so sent them to spam.
    Now here you are playing games with them. so am I right in thinking the brain training is just a bunch of skill level games? like all the Minecraft, Game of Thrones, Dungeons and Dragons etc? Because I’m useless at those types of games.

    • It isn’t anything like Minecraft or those other games. Most of the games are time limited, usually 45 seconds to 2 minutes. There are a few games where you keep going until a certain thing happens, like the game Raindrops where math sums fall from the sky and you have till they reach the ocean to solve them. Once 3 sums have hit the sea, the game is over.

      I’ll do more posts about the various games over coming months. I’ve seen some big improvements myself and I think the training is worthwhile, I do enjoy it. :)

    • Now that I made it past level 9, the addiction has calmed down a little bit.. which is a good thing. Though I did get another top score yesterday and managed 41 orders in 2 minutes, I now need to get to 44 orders in 2 minutes. :)

  4. I have been working on level 10 for weeks. Maybe months. I don’t know or really care if it helps my brain. I just think its fun. Then again, I spent a whole marriage playing PacMan & Galaga in the 80s. We were madly in love until we started working all the time & never went to arcade. It was great fun. I don’t pay Lumosity. I just play the freebies & can waste more time than I have to lose with just the free stuff. I found your comments while looking for strategy ideas. Getting a strategy cannot be cheating. Its just trying different ways to go faster. Why is that cheating?

      • I have been stuck on level 8 for weeks…any chance you might share some strategies? If I try to go faster I just start getting overflows… I think there is something in when to do the singles and when to pick doubles…but I haven’t found a strong rational yet…any chance of some help…what are your thought processes?

  5. Is there a level 13? I made 52 cups but it didn’t unlock another level… then it will say I can make 54 cups on level 12 but if I close the app and reopen it goes back down to 52… has anyone else gotten past level 12 to find no harder level?

      • I got 54 cups and then it just says you can now get 56 and the level doesn’t change :( I was hoping they would have a level with toppings or desserts haha

      • I’d really like to see a level where they give you two different items in the cups – eg one sugar one coffee, one chocolate one whipped cream. I might send them an email and suggest it. :)

  6. Is there a level 13? I made 52 cups but it didn’t unlock another level… then it will say I can make 54 cups on level 12 but if I close the app and reopen it goes back down to 52… has anyone else gotten past level 12 to find no harder level?

  7. So, even though I am questioning the direction of my life now that I am involved in a forum about a game app, I thought I would share what happens at level 12. You make 52 cups and then it increases to making 54 cups, 56, 58 and so forth. BUT say you make 56 and it increases to 58, but the next time you try you only get, say 50, it then decreases the amount back to 52. So you have to be on a roll and at least be matching your previous best score to keep progressing. I have gotten 56 cups but can’t keep my progress steady… I am stuck in a loop of insanity! Haha

  8. I hate the game. It’s addictive and pointless and completely frustrating! I’m stuck on level 9 have been for weeks months? I’m not even sure…
    I hate it. I’ve considered deleting the app but I love train of thought.
    Someone help me get to level 10. The most I’ve done is 37 cups but now I can only do 35!

  9. Rather than catching up much needed sleep (I have a baby that wakes up 3 times a night) I’m wasting my time trying to get to level 10! It’s crazy cos I think I’d have to play it another 100-200 times at least before that happens and I got more important things to be getting on with, sigh…

  10. I have gotten up to 68 cups on level 12… it is insane and you can’t make a single mistake. . You have to get the perfect rhythm of making singles and doubles so that they time perfectly, using both thumbs to punch in multiple orders. You have to use no time looking at the orders and just catching a millisecond glimpse as you go back and forth. That being said, if the game ends at level 12 with just the amount of cups increasing then I won’t bother continuing it. Which sucks, I actually looked forward to playing in the morning all jacked up on, well, coffee obviously.

  11. The highest level it goes to is 12 however the highest amount of cups you have to fill is 72. I’m now however stick constantly trying to beat my highest score even if by a measly 10 points and train of thought level 14 is seriously kicking my ass. This game is so addictive it overpowers my ambien lol

  12. I am also addicted to this game. In on the last level and have gotten the 52 orders multiple times but in confused because it says you can fill up to 54 orders. Maybe I put in too many? Don’t know if I’ve beat the game or not. I just hope this brain exercise will be beneficial to me in some other way than enjoyment Lol.

  13. I think you should get a trophy once you reach a certain level. I don’t like that there is no closure! I am on level 11 but I am stopping after 52 on level 12!

  14. So happy to have found someone as addicted as I. I just can’t understand why. Lol. By the way, I’m on level 12 & no matter how many drinks I increase I’m stuck at 12. I’ve served up to 62 drinks so far.

  15. I cannot finish level 9. I keep getting even less points, so I went back to level 8 and I’m finding it impossible to even get to 34000 again! Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!

  16. What is the top score anyone has received on trouble brewing? I just hit an all new high today of 71810. I’m wondering how high it goes.

  17. My highest score is 72000, serving 72 cups.
    A strategy I use for the higher levels is that I start before even looking at the orders. I click to the left and fill the entire screen with doubles, then flick over to the right screen and fill it with accurate singles. I then watch the new single orders coming up, and replace the singles with an entire set of new singles. I then have to glance super quickly on the way back to the left to see what I can replace those doubles with. I usually keep mostly doubles on the left and mostly singles in the right so that I can judge the speed.
    Does anyone else have any tips? I feel like I should be able to do better, but I’m not sure whether the score actually does go higher.
    I don’t pay for the app, so I only play Trouble Brewing when it is one of the three apps of the day. I think if I had access to all of the games all the time I would spend too much time playing, ha ha!
    I find the other super addictive game on Lumosity is Word Bubbles. Love it!

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