Addictions Part 2 – Aldi!

So, I am officially addicted to Aldi. It’s been looming for some time, but was made official when I told The Other Half that we must stop at Aldi yesterday. The Other Half asked “Why do you need to go to Aldi?” and I replied “I don’t know, I just do, ok?”

For some weeks now we have been waiting for the price to drop on an exercise bike that we spotted there – hoping that it would go down to a clearance price as things leftover often do. This week, the bike that formerly was $299 was now.. wait for it.. drumroll.. $199. Bargain! So we bought it. And here’s a picture of it all assembled, which took some time – but first a pic of the “kitty supervisor” who was watching The Other Half put the bike together..

Kitty the job supervisor in supervise mode

She totally thinks she is a human, with her arms up on the armchair like a human. :) But then there are times she thinks she’s a dog and fetches stuff, too.

Exercise bike

So, I plan to combine the exercise bike 3 days a week with wii fit step aerobics 3 days a week and have one day off a week. Much of this is in order to get fit for kayaking this summer.

Wii Fit can be brilliant, but it also can do a bit of damage – because I have such major problems with my middle ear I can’t do the balance games and the first time I tried them I pulled all kinds of muscles. Then I hurt myself with the hula hoop – it throws you more hula hoops, but you have to lean left and right to catch them and no matter how much I lean the Wii Fit doesn’t think I am leaning. That day of Wii Fit left me in major back pain.

I think it is safest if I stick to the exercise I can do – riding the exercise bike, step, some of the muscle stuff, and sometimes Yoga. Frankly I’d rather be unfit than in pain from pulling muscles. I’m not a fan of Yoga but I also haven’t given it much of a chance yet.

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4 thoughts on “Addictions Part 2 – Aldi!

  1. Am I seeing this right? That exercise bike has a plug pack?
    I never understood why exercise equipment needs to be plugged into a power socket when by rights all that exercising should generate energy!

  2. What a cute supervisor. We have two of those to point out anything we do wrong at our house too. The bike looks great – I hope it helps you attain your goals. I would love to try that hula hoop thing on the Wii, but would have to be careful after hearing your experience.

  3. Unfit sounds much better than pain. I’m unfit too, every time I try something I end up flat on my back in bed. I’m thinking I might look into a seniors yoga program, that would have to be gentle wouldn’t it. I’m suffering a serious lack of flexibility along with back, neck and knee pain. but I don’t want to just give up and sit in a rocking chair in the sun just yet, tempting though it may sound.

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