Yes, I have an addiction..

Did I mention I have an addiction to all things Dexter? Yes, I did, but I did not mention this fantastic website – Michael C. Hall Online. They have a fabulous photo gallery with all kinds of Michael C. Hall goodness. Today there’s some shots up from the TCA panels held recently as well as a couple of new promos for Season 3. Here’s a couple of my favourites.

Dexter Cast Members

Looks like Deb will be rocking the short hair in Season 3. That really suits her!

Michael C Hall as Dexter

I’m loving that green shirt – and those shoes! ;) But perhaps this is not a very practical outfit to wear to a crime scene. This would be more casual Dexter chilling out at a bar with his new friend played by Jimmy Smits, methinks.

One of my favourite sections is the candid shots because looking at them I wonder if I would even recognize Michael C Hall if I saw him on the street. He has one of those faces that changes when he becomes a character, in particular when he becomes Dexter because a big part of the character is wearing the mask and in a couple of the candid shots he looks years younger and somewhat different. Maybe I’m not putting that into words very well. ;)

My addiction may have been fairly obvious from the amount of posts I have written about the show but perhaps you do not realise the full extent of my addiction.

1. I have google alerts set for Dexter and Michael C Hall, they arrive daily in my inbox.

2. I generally watch between 3-8 episodes of Dexter a week. And hello, there’s not any new ones arriving so how am I doing that? I watch the repeats on Showcase which is currently double Dexter and I might catch that 2-3 times during the week, I watch season one on 10 and I usually pre-watch the episode which is airing on 10 and write the stuff I post in the Aussie Bloggers thread.

3. I recently lent the box set to my Mother and while the box set was not in the house I felt very strange – I couldn’t just go watch an episode from Season 1 anytime I liked and I didn’t like that feeling. I got it back a few days ago and now all is well. ;) And before you ask, yes she loves the show. She was secretly watching it on Showcase out of order, which is why I had to lend her the box set.

So I was thinking, maybe Michael C. Hall also has google alerts set for his name and if he does this post is sure to set off an alert.  What would I type here if I knew he would be reading this? Love your work. I sincerely hope you are having as much fun working on the show as we fans are having watching the show – something Julie Benz said about you being very serious on set has me a bit worried that you might not be. I wish there was a outtakes roll somewhere so we could be sure you guys are having a blast. And probably about a billion questions about the show in general. It annoys me that the press who are interviewing you are not asking the questions that I would ask.

Anyway, I just had to admit that to you guys because I know the first step is admitting you have a problem. And I do, but I am not sure I want a cure because Dexter is a great show to watch.

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3 thoughts on “Yes, I have an addiction..

  1. I’m not addicted, but I do like the show. I’m not watching the ch.10 run because it’s on too late at night for me and I’ve seen it anyway. I have it on my I-tunes tv shows list. I wasn’t happy with Deb in the first season, she seemed to be unable to think or make a decision on almost anything without Dexter’s input. Let’s hope she does better in season 2 which I haven’t yet seen. The new haircut is a big improvement for her.

  2. Hi Snos

    HAHA yes an addiction indeed it appears! Google alerts and all!

    I watched this show for the first time last night (or was it the night before?) – anyway, yeah i love it! It just does those few little things different that set it apart from the rest of those kind of shows…

    great show :)

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