Two can keep a secret..

If one of them is dead.. :)

Dexter Season 3 is coming soon. In fact, in exactly –

So there have been some fantastic ads put together, the majority of which do not give away anything. Here is my favourite one which does not give any hints or spoilers about what is to come, but does feature a brilliant piece of music – Secret by The Pierces. The song was also featured on Gossip Girl which often has excellent music. Enjoy!

So nobody knows yet if Australia will be getting Dexter at the same time as the US. I can’t see why Showcase would delay it – if they do that they will be forcing people to download it. And yes, I absolutely will be downloading it if they choose not to play it at the same time as the US. Why should we be punished because of which country we live in? :(

Now, if you *do* want a hint of what is coming up in Season 3.. here is a youtube clip for you. :) with our first view of Jimmy Smits in the show.

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