Dexter News

Oh, this is *SO* exciting! ;)

Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winner Jimmy Smits will wade into the murky world of Miami’s most notorious serial killer as he joins the cast of SHOWTIME’s top-rated drama series DEXTER.  Smits will be featured in ten of the third season’s 12 episodes which are scheduled to premiere this fall on SHOWTIME.

Out of all the actors in the world, I do not think I could name anyone else I would rather see on the show. ;)  I am looking forward to the third season and I am extremely hopeful that it will be shown to us on Showcase at the same time as it is shown to the US.

I loved Jimmy Smits on NYPD Blue.. :)

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5 thoughts on “Dexter News

  1. Ohhhh i find myself strangely excited in a way Jimmy Smits doesn’t usually do for me (except when he won the presidential election in West Wing)

    Wonder how many decades it will take until it is on free tv for us without pay tv?

  2. I just watched my first episode today and I’m sorry I didn’t start sooner. On the other hand, I am just at the beginning of my enjoyment so I feel lucky. Thanks for the recommendation. It’s an awesome show and making me forget about the empty feeling after The Wire ended.

  3. I came here from the Aussie Blogger forums to check out your blog after you left me those kind welcoming comments only to find that you’re awesome and you like Dexter too!!!

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