Dexter arrives a little early..

Someone has leaked Season 3 episode 1 – Our Father..

I will leave it up to you to decide whether Snoskred, Dexter’s number one fan, and Sephyroth, Dexter’s number two fan, chose to *ahem* download the episode and watch it, separated by oceans yet still able to pause the show at the exact right moment to make sure lines, plot points and goings on were seen at the same time.

Because of course downloading something like that would be somewhat dodgy and a bit naughty. But those who know where to look will be able to find it fairly easily.

All I will tell you is I am looking forward to this season of Dexter.

And on another slightly different topic, the show airing in Dexter’s time slot currently is Breaking Bad which is excellent. It is no surprise to me that Michael C Hall and Bryan Cranston are both up for Emmys this year.

Perhaps Sephy and I will liveblog the Emmys, too..

Back to your previously scheduled Sunday!

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