It’s moments like these..

When you have a desperate craving for microwave popcorn and none in the house since you accidentally cooked the last packet a *tiny* bit too long yesterday causing smoke and possibly even fire that you begin to realise the benefits of being the opposite of Mother Hubbard.

Until this time last week I had two packets of microwave popcorn squirrelled away in my cupboard. In fact there is so much shiznit in my cupboards currently yet I can’t find an eatable snack because all I want is what I don’t have!  I have plenty of potato chips but I do not want them. They’re not hot, buttery, freshly popped popcorn..

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6 thoughts on “It’s moments like these..

  1. (a) I pop normal popping corn (nearly spelt it pooping) in the microwave. I have a vegetable cooker with small vents in the lid that I use – no oil needed – and cook until the popping seems to have slowed.

    (b) why can’t you cook the microwave popcorn in a pan? Just remember the lid!!!

  2. This is a funny post. I too have been craving some popcorn or other snacks recently. But, since my wife started her diet all we have is baby carrots and hummus and other healthy nonsense.

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