Think you had a bad day at work?

The Deadliest Catch puts our work days in proper perspective. For those not familiar with the show, it follows the crab fishing season in the Bering Sea. People often die doing this job. It is physically demanding and very dangerous. Here’s a clip for you.

I am quite crazy about this show. I also am quite crazy about the boats. If The Other Half were building a boat, it would look like this.

The Wizard

They even got the name right. That is exactly what he would name a boat. Wizard. Mine might look a bit like this (only probably with this color instead of the blue. Or maybe pink).

The Cornelia Marie

I have no idea what I would name a boat, but I like the name Cornelia Marie. It’s unusual.

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4 thoughts on “Think you had a bad day at work?

  1. I love that show too. Its amazing what they go through to get the crab. Not sure how seriously they would take you if you turned up with a pink boat though, maybe the green is a better option :)

    The link for the video isn’t working – says its no longer available. Bummer.

  2. It’s great to let others know what it can be like for the men bringing in the catch we take for granted.I love that show too. Its amazing what they go through to get the crab.

  3. Love that show. I found it in the first season and because my other half (KansasTrout) fished in Alaska for 22 years I tuned it in. He, of course watched too. He actually worked a few crab seasons as well, but mostly he fished salmon and halibut, living in and about Alaska, even Wasilla at one point, small world huh? anyway, Deadliest Catch rocks and I think a pink boat would be the bomb! Do it!!

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