Another Saturday Night..

Another couple of West Wing episodes. And whoa, is about all I can say. This possibly blog won’t make a lot of sense to non-WW fans.

A few weeks ago Sephy was in the middle of the 2nd season, and I said to him something like, an episode will come to you as a surprise and you’ll know what I mean by that when it happens. The episode I was talking about in that case was 18th and Potomac, where they just out of nowhere, completely out of the blue, kill off a much loved character. In the episode after it, there is a point where the killed off character makes an appearance as a ghost, kind of, which also is much unexpected.

Tonight’s episode was another one of those but on a larger scale. And when they go into the funeral service, you see all the faces of people who seem to have gone their separate ways, doing their different jobs, some still at the whitehouse and others not, and the only face missing was Sam. I kept expecting to see him but he didn’t show up. Apparently he shows up next week.

There’s still a big gap between where my DVD box sets ran out and the show as it is today, and I am really looking forward to finding out how the show gets from there to the show I saw tonight.

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