Saturday Night West Wing

As many readers of this blog know, Saturday nights you get two episodes of the West Wing on the ABC. They’re up to halfway through Season 7 – yes that’s right viewers, only 5 more double episodes to the end of this show.

I happened to flick over and catch the second episode, named Duck and Cover. Given that I’m currently re-watching season one, and the highest I got before was season 5, a lot has apparently changed.

Donna has a fringe, was the most distracting change I spotted. It’s really distracting. Toby seems to be MIA. It looks like Josh and Donna don’t work in the whitehouse now. Yep, things have changed.

However there’s a lot of new people in the show, and I’m not sure what exactly is going on with Vinnick and Santos, whether they are both democrats running for the nomination or if one is a republican but I’m guessing Vinnick might be a republican from what I saw tonight and from the fact that election day is not far away, it’s probably too late for them both to be running for the nomination. Then again I have no clue how that part of US politics really works, and I haven’t seen those episodes yet to explain it to me.

Storyline is really important with this show. Miss one episode and you’re out in a boat in somewhat wavy water just trying to hang on, miss a season and a half and it’s like being in a major storm of confusion in a small aluminium dinghy.

But even so, the show has such grace and beauty in the writing and the acting, it truly is a joy to watch it even if you’re feeling seasick and confused. There’s no doubt. I’m in love with it, people. Do I want to spoil myself by spending the next 5 Saturday nights glued to the ABC? You bet. And I hear the last episode is really incredible.

Sephy is now an addict to the show as well, he’s halfway through season 2. I should try and catch him up so we can discuss the episodes, but he has no idea what is coming to him as a surprise over the remainder of Season 2. Just thinking about it makes my screen a little blurry.

And a couple of weeks ago I said Josh was my favourite, well it changes all the time. Right now I’m crazy about Sam too. And Leo’s Harrison Ford expressions (he does the loyal puppy face a lot, if you’re an Indiana fan, it’s the face Harrison Ford puts on just as he’s about to take that leap of faith in the Last Crusade) always get me on his side.

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  1. You surmise correcty: Vinnick is the Republican (although only on TV would an atheist win the Republican nom — but then I read superhero comics, so it’s not like I don’t have a pretty well-developed ability to ‘suspend disbelief’…)

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