Second time around..

I finished Desperate Housewives season one, in about 4 days or so. This meant I would be without a show to watch when it’s time to sit down and eat lunch.

So what I decided to do was go back and watch The West Wing from the start, again. And I was really terrified because I thought now I’ve seen it I won’t enjoy it as much, and I’ll know what’s going to happen etc. But lucky me, it’s actually better watching it the second time.

One thing I really love about the show is the various relationships people have with each other – POTUS and Charlie, POTUS and Mrs Laningham, Josh and Sam, Josh and Donna, in fact almost every interaction between various members of the cast is a pleasure to watch. But out of all the characters on the show, my favourite is Josh. I don’t know if I could explain why.

So I’m not going to download and watch seasons 6 and 7, I’m going to wait for them to be released here which may take a very long time, 6 is due sometime in May apparently and I’d be willing to bet it would be the price of a small car seeing as they hooked us all on 1-5. I’m going to enjoy what is there in the meantime. I may even watch it a third and fourth time. :)

In other news, art is going well, we both have a flu now which is really tiring me out, and I have a few exciting new projects coming up soon which are.. well.. exciting. :) For me at least.

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